All About Double Strollers


Double Strollers are the best choice if you have two kids at your home. Strolling 2 kids at a time in a single stroller is the best option and helps anyone in avoiding the need for an extra assistance. While on the other hand, It also helps your kids to be connected with one another and enjoy your walk or shopping. May your kids be twins or siblings with little difference in age, Double Stroller is the best choice. When you are having a second kid arriving, It may be a wise decision to upgrade yourself to a Double Stroller.

Double Strollers come in multiple varieties and many features to suite every parents & kids needs. It is common to find Double Strollers in most of the Stroller Categories viz, Umbrella Strollers, Jogger Strollers, Stroller frames, etc., Double Strollers are majorly available in 2 modes specifically considering the seating positions/styles.


Double_8_2Side-By-Side Double Strollers – Side-By-Sides are traditional Double Strollers, and have both Kids’ seats located next to each other. They let both the kids enjoy the similar experience while on the walk or shop with an excellent leg room/space for the both the kids. All the accessories, features are duplicated between each seat to provide a balanced ride and comfort. Side-By-Side Double Strollers are generally solid in their built, heavy, sturdy and provide greater balance during the ride. On the other hand, they are typically wider in nature which hardens the ability to ride the stroller in narrow spaces or in shopping malls. In spite of this, they proven to be the best choice if you are considering these for twins or the for the kids, whose age difference is much lesser. Balance of the stroller is typically impacted if the weight difference between both the kids is higher.


Phile_04Tandem Double Strollers – Tandems are stylish and most preferable strollers for parents who live in cities and use the strollers typically for shopping and a day to day walk. Unlike Side-By-Side strollers, both the seats in Tandem Strollers are positioned Back-To-Back instead of being next to each other, to fit in narrow spaces. They provide a very well maneuverability without needing for much effort from the parents. They are generally longer than wider.



Tandem_01In-line Tandem Strollers – These are just like regular or traditional Tandem Strollers except for the fact that they can be converted in Single or Double Strollers just with an addition of extra seat right behind the existing seat. Baby Jogger’s ‘Citi Select Stroller’ is one such type which can be converted into a Double as well as a Triple Stroller with extra attachments. These are best option for the families, who are being blessed with a new addition. That doesn’t mean you should not choose this for twins though. The second seat is generally compact in nature which can handle the new born baby very well in their own infant car seat.


Start as a Single and upgrade later to Double – City Select by Baby Jogger


Lets take a sneak peak into various features and things to look when you are choosing a Double Stroller. While there are many features and options available in the current models of the strollers, below listed are the most important aspects to look for in any Double Stroller. If you would like to browse through the basic features to be considered in any kind of strollers, be sure to read ‘All About Baby Strollers


Weight : Weight of the stroller plays a major role while choosing the double strollers. Considering the fact that you are going to stroll 2 babies at once, it is advisable to consider the one which is lighter without compromising on the quality of the frame. Many strollers come with an aluminum body which is comparatively lighter than any other metal strollers. Choosing a plastic make should be less preferable especially considering the safety and durability of the product over a longer period of time. Metal strollers are generally sturdy and stable, however are heavier to stroll.


Read our review of the lightest weighted double stroller in our research.


Maneuverability: While 2 children are on-board, it is not an easy task to stroll if the maneuverability of the stroller is bad. Swiveled wheels provide a greater maneuverability when compared to fixed wheels.It would be very hard to tip and turn a Double Stroller when compared to any other model. Tipping a Side-By-Side Double Stroller is generally harder considering the fact that the weight of the kids is balanced horizontally. While this may be comparatively easier for a Tandem Stroller since the weight is linearly distributed. Easy way to avoid this hassle is by choosing a stroller with Swivel Wheels.


Wheels: Number of Wheels for a Double Stroller are also important factors to consider due to the fact that they may impact your ability to maneuver the stroller. Research and reviews indicate that more the number of wheels lead to more discomfort. Along with this, the swivel nature of the wheels is most important factor as explained in the above point. Typically 4 wheel combinations are expected to be decent configuration for most of the models except for Jogger Strollers, they may have only 3 wheels even for a Double Jogger Stroller. One other key factor to consider when it comes to a Double Jogger Stroller is the ability to lock the front wheel from its swivel ability. Also, choosing a stroller with larger sized wheels let you use the stroller in all types of terrains. While this can be a good thing, watch out for space in your car trunk.




Tires: With overall weight of the stroller is being doubled, make of the tires impacts the ability to provide a smoother and safer ride for your kids. Most of the strollers come with either Foam Filled Plastic Tires Or Air Filled Rubber aka Pneumatic Tires. Pneumatic Tires are considered to be the best, considering the cushion they provide for both your kids and you during the ride. They may disappoint you yet times in terms of maintenance if they get flat. In spite of this, the rubber tires let you stroll the vehicle very conveniently and let the stroller last for longer period of time. On the other hand, Plastic tires can be worn out easily and not durable for a longer period. They can be good if you limit the usage of your stroller on smoother surfaces like a shopping center.


Suspension System: Ranging from Umbrella Strollers till Travel Systems, Double Strollers are available in every make. Considering the basic usage of different models/types, not all the stroller types are eligible/suggested for jogging or running. This doesn’t discount us from needing a superior suspension system though. All the Strollers typically come with best suspension system to provide a smoother ride for your little one’s, but the need for this suspension system has to be stressed more on Double Jogger Strollers. Double joggers require greater suspension on the rear wheels to allow  your kid enjoy your running.


Harness: Safety and security of the kids is not a factor to comprise on. 5-Point Harness system allows kids to be more safer while letting them enjoy every aspect of the ride. Each of the seat has to be looked for provision of 5-Point Harness system. If the manufacturer provided harness do not have a padding, it might be worth considering to purchase an extra harness padding to let your kids be happy and not to take it out unnecessarily.


Folding Ability: With a regular walk or on a shopping spree, you always need to be able to close/fold and open your stroller many times. Considering this fact, you should consider Folding ability of a stroller as one other main factor to consider. Many Strollers come with one or more of folding types listed below.

One-Hand Folding – Easy and most wanted option. Lets you close the folder with just one hand. Helps especially if you are out for shopping. This option may not be available in most of the Doubles, but can be worth to look for.

Compact Folding – Lets the stroller occupy a very less space when folded. This helps you most if you have a small or mid size car. Doesn’t cost you much in the storage space of your home. Tandem Double Strollers are in general the most compact strollers when folded especially considering the fact that they are linear and lets the space cost be much lesser. Side-By-Side strollers provide compactness by folding themselves to flat position.

Tip-Tap/One-Step Folding – This option requires a little push or step on the bottom notch of the stroller and little/gentle pull of the handle bar.

There are also other forms of like, Quick-Fold which just requires you to lift the side nobs and boom the stroller gets closed on its own.


Folding Stand – While folding can be easy or tough based on the weight and built of the frame, it is not easy to stack these kind of strollers leaning on to a wall or a door. A Folding Stand, which is provided in many of the Strollers, lets you quickly fold the stroller and let it stand on its own with out any hassles. Few of these also come with a latch to keep this fold locked.


Seats: Though, both the kids can be as much active they wish during the ride, they do get tired and need a good nap. It is always advisable to choose the stroller which can provide an ability to adjust the seats in as many ways as possible. Many strollers provide an ability to turn the seats to face your kids towards you while walking to let you have a pleasant experience. ‘City Select‘ by Baby Jogger is one such stroller which gives you 16 possible configurations with the seats.

Car Seat Compatibility – While there can be multiple positions possible by most of the strollers, it is most advisable to consider a Stroller which can accept Infant Car Seats. There are wide range of strollers which accept infant car seats, but most of them may have a restriction on certain brands of car seats. Be sure to watch this before you get your new car seat and stroller. Like, ‘Britax B-Ready Stroller’ generally accepts Britax B-Safe car seats, but it is also compatible with other branded car seats like Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego models.

Reclining – Seat Reclining is one other aspect to consider when going through the seat configurations. Though most of the strollers provide an excellent ability to recline both seats independently, this feature can be best and more useful in the Side-By-Side strollers. In the Tandem Strollers, though the ability to recline is provided by manufacturer, this cannot be used much because, this leaves lesser space for the kids who are sitting in the rear part of the stroller.


Brake System: May it be a Pause during a long run or Halting at the end of super shopping, best Brake Systems let you control your stroller in a better way. The ability to halt your stroller should as easy possible and should not let the stroller slip off on its own. Many strollers come with multiple brake systems depending on the style or type of the strollers.

Parking Brake – A Foot activated pedal brake system which lets you ON and OFF the brake system. This lets you park the stroller with ease avoiding you to bend down and activate the same. Release of the brake is as easy as activating it.

Hand Brake – Brake system that comes as an extension or an option with in the handle bar of the stroller, lets you slow down the stroller just a bike. This is not an option available in most of the Double Strollers but is available mostly in the Jogger Double Strollers.

Auto Stop (Hands Free Brake System) – This is a unique feature and not available on most of the strollers. Phil & Ted’s Navigator Stroller is the one which has come up with this. This feature works similar to the carts in the airports. Handle bar is provided with an extra inline utility called ‘Auto Stop Brake Lever’. Stroller can be moved only when the Lever is pressed in to the handle bar. When you need to stop the stroller, just leave the handle bar or let the lever be released from the handle bar, this causes the Auto Brake system to get activated and the Stroller stops on its own. ‘Brake Off Clip’ can be used to control the usage of this feature.


Handlebars: May it be a Side-By-Side or a Tandem Double Stroller, Handle bars play major role in making the ride a smoother and less tiresome for the parents. Having an Adjustable Handlebar provides more comfort for both the parents to take care of their kids when they get a chance to stroll on their own without any discomfort. Most of the Side-By-Sides come with a single Handle Bar which connects both the seats except for Umbrella Model strollers. For the Umbrella Strollers, the handle bar is actually not connected together which often can cause difficulties during maneuvering the stroller.

A properly cushioned ergonomic handle bar not only provides greater benefits while on the ride, but also is most important if you need to constantly tip your stroller over uneven roads or pavements.

While many strollers provide ability to change the seating position of the kids, few of the strollers also come with an ability to reverse the handle bar instead of disturbing the children. This lets you face your children either outwards or towards with out lifting or changing their seats.

Prefer to have a light weighted handle vs a heavy plastic handle which comes with cup holders and other stuff. They just add up unnecessary weight for these kind of strollers.


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Storage: Choosing a Double Stroller in turn stresses the need to look for ample Storage space. With both babies on ride, it is one other most important aspect to be considered. In general Side-By-Side strollers have the best ability to provide a decent or large storage space, and can commonly see this as an issue with Tandem Strollers. With one baby sitting right behind the other, the ability of space is lost to the extent possible. Along with the regular storage space available under the each seats, in Side-By-Sides, certain manufacturers provide extra storage space with the help of Saddle Bags attached to each seats. These help you to stock important stuff handy instead of bending every time you need one. Though they add up the extra space, there can be a question on their ability to be use when the children are sitting in their upright position.


Doubled Accessories: Along withe Storage space, it is advisable to consider the any accessory or a built in utility to be as independent as possible. For Side-By-Side Strollers, there is a possibility for certain utilities or accessories be as a one big single or independent per seat. As an example, having an independent Canopy Vs having a single large Canopy. If one of the kid is not happy with the sun shade, you can easily close one canopy and let other be open. But if you have a one large, it would impact other kid as well. This is not a case with Tandem as they are mostly independent of other. Seat reclining positions are also most important to be independent to help one kid to fall asleep and other to enjoy his/her ride.


Optional Accessories: Most of the strollers come with basic and most important features. There are number of extra optional accessories that you can buy based on your needs. Few of the accessories that may be required but missing from your manufacturer are,

Snack Trays – You may get a one single Snack tray if you are considering a Side-By-Side Stroller. For Tandems, you need to get one for each.

Safety Handlebar Strap – Many strollers also come with a strap attached to the handle bar while the other end is connected or attached to your hand. This helps the stroller not to slip over or move away from you accidentally.

Extra Storage Saddle Bags – If your stroller have not got a decent storage space, you can bump it by adding Storage Saddle Bags.

Bag Clips – To let you carry some extra luggage on board.

Jump Seats – If you have a third kid who wants to ride along with your twins, consider getting a Jump Seat and attach it to your Double Stroller to enjoy a fun ride.


Safety Standards: Refer to our Stroller Safety Standards page for all the Safety guidelines to be followed by every stroller manufacturer.


Now that you have understood the main features to be considered when buying a Double Stroller, look at our ‘Best Double Strollers‘ for recommended strollers and their reviews.

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