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Baby Jogger City Select - Review - Baby Strollers Info

Baby Jogger City Select – Review


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Brief Overview

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller‘ is definitely a top stroller in the Double Strollers segment because of its versatile nature, number of options it has got, longevity of usage as a product, etc.,. This is one of the strollers which has got an excellent, elegant & stunning looks yet comes with good quality and enormous possibilities of customizations. City Select’s smart design lets you use the stroller either as a Single Stroller, Double Stroller or even a Triple Stroller. This ability of being able to expand based on your needs, will definitely save you good amount of money in future years with a new additions in to the family. Instead of changing the stroller with new additions, you can easily get this upgraded by adding the second seat which can be bought separately. Of course, you can buy it as a Double Stroller any time to be able to get both the seats.


If you are buying this for your first child, just get the stroller as a single. When your second one arrives, add the Infant Car Seat or Bassinet with appropriated adapters & that’s it, you have your Double Stroller ready. Wanna use this for your twins, not a problem, unlike the other double strollers, City Select lets you use 2 Bassinets at the same time or 2 Infant Car seats at the same time like many others. If you are planning to get a stroller for an older kid & an infant, you can easily configure City select with 1 Infant Car seat or a bassinet and other with just normal stroller seat. Got 3 kids? no need to worry, you can attach a Glider Board to let your elder kid enjoy the ride with other 2. With 16 different customizations, this stroller can not come down in my ‘Top Best Double Strollers‘ any time.


Possible Seating Combinations


Car Seat Configurations & Possibilities

City Select ‘Stroller Seats‘ are worth of a mention any time. The seats are very light weight that you can easily click them in the stroller almost with a single hand any time and in any configuration & pull them off easily when not needed. The seats recline in multiple angles which can allow you to peacefully enjoy the ride while your baby is enjoying their nap. With a max weight limit of 45 lbs, even with an elder baby in the seat, it is easy to recline them to any position. With an adjustable foot rest that glides and folds with each seat, your baby can get to the most flat position possible.


Unlike many other strollers, City Select comes with a 3 level adjustable 5-Point Harness system to accommodate your growing needs. As the baby grows, you can just simply unhook the harness from a lower level and hook it up at a higher level. One other great feature about the seats is, you can adjust the height of the seats to give more space for taller kids.


Many times when i was strolling my baby (in our Baby Trend EZ RideTravel System) i always felt the need for a strong cover for my Strollers Peek-A-Boo window. City Select came up with a solution in a different fashion and added up the Magnetic Closure to the Peek-A-Boo window. With a mesh made of UV+50 sun shade, your baby is always safe even under the bright sun. Another good point about the canopy is its adjustability. Just like for most of the Jogger Strollers, the canopy can be detached behind and can be brought down to avoid wind or straight sun during evenings. This is little different from regular expandable canopies though, where you end up not being able to cover your baby completely if needed.



Canopy with Peek-A-Boo

As confirmed by many parents, provides you the best smooth ride which i don’t think is not possible without the best wheels combination. The Front wheels (8″) swivel to allow you easily maneuver and are also lockable to let you stroller a longer ride. Rear wheels are larger (12″) than the front tires and are pneumatic to provide more comfort and cushion on any terrain ride. A good thing about the rear wheels is that they are forever air filled, which means there is no worry about air pumps (which also means no extra cost). Of course, if you ever need to fill it up, you can just snap out the tire very easily. One common complaint from many parents is that the Front Wheels shake too much after few days.


Strolling is never gonna be comfortable if you don’t have a better handle bar. City Select has got a Telescoping HandleBar which is very comfortable to handle, Easy wipeable and is Height Adjustable. This allows parents to be more comfortable and as per their heights. With just a click on the middle of the handle bar, the height can be easily changed. One other great feature that i love in this stroller is, its break system. Unlike other Double Strollers which come with a Leg controlled Parking Break, this comes with a Hand Parking Break.


Telescopic Handlebar

Folding is one of the factors that any stroller needs to be reviewed for and even with Double Seat configuration, this stroller is Very Easy to fold and can be locked upon folding. With a Pull-to-Fold technique, the stroller gets folded compact enough to store in very less space and can fits in even small cars with no hassles. A couple of reviews indicated that the the stroller doesn’t Auto Lock the wheels just like ‘Contours Options Elite Double Stroller‘ (read review here) which may keep you annoying if it keeps rolling down.


A ride with 2 Kids means a need for large storage space. City Select has a very good storage space beneath the seats which can be accessible both from Front & Back of the stroller. A good thing only this stroller has got, is that the Storage space can be expanded if needed. There are 2 zippers on either sides of the rear section of the storage basket and unzipping them would allow you to have more items stocked. Even if this is insufficient, you can very well use the small storage spaces available behind each seat, which may compensate the need for purchasing a Parent Console just because there is no Parent Tray nor a cup holder.


Age Chart


Features At A Glance …

  • Harness – 5-Point Harness System
  • Brakes – Hand Activated
  • Wheels – Front Wheel Swivel (Lockable)
  • Back Tires – Rubber & Forever Air Filled
  • Front Tires – Smaller and Hard plastic 
  • Seats – Both Ways
  • Folding – Pull To Compact Fold 
  • Snack Tray – No Child Tray
  • Canopy – UV+50 protected material & adjustable 


  • Car Seat Configuration & Compatibility – Click-In. With Major brands 
  • Configurable – Can be used with Bassinet, Infant Car Seat as well 
  • Parent Tray – No
  • Suspension – Only Front Wheels
  • Reclining – Multi position
  • Handle Bar – Height Adjustable
  • Storage Space – Large Basket – Expandable 

Be sure to visit our detailed guide ‘All About Double Strollers’ to know the detailed information of each of the features mentioned above.


Product Information:

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Pros & Cons …


  • Telescoping Height Adjustable Handle Bar
  • Hand controlled Parking Break
  • Longer life span since it can grow with your child
  • Easy Maneuverability & can easily stroll even with a single hand
  • Forever Air Filled rear Rubber Tires provides smoother ride.
  • Front wheels with suspension
  • Quick Pull to Fold closing
  • Compact & Self Standing folding allows easy carry and movement.
  • Can be used with many Car seat models
  • Cushioned Seats
  • 5 Point Harness with extra padded straps with hooks for better usability
  • Large & Expandable Storage Space


  • No Child Snack Tray
  • No Parent Tray
  • Legroom is not convenient when 2 seats are used and having both kids facing each other




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Buying Choices

Price History

  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at
  • At you can purchase Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller with 2nd Seat, Onyx for only $599.99
  • The lowest price of Baby Jogger 2017 City Select LUX Double Stroller (Slate) was obtained on May 7, 2023 8:08 pm.

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