Best Stroller AddOns For Winter (Keep Yourself & Baby Warm)

Being a Parent in places where Winters are pretty cool is going to be fun and challenging at the same time. While we get used to the cold weather relatively easily, it might become a tough one for the little kids. In this article, we will go over some of the Best Gear for Babies in the Stroller & also for the Parents. They can be the Best Stroller Add Ons For Winter to keep yourself & baby warm.

If you are new parent and this is your first winter with your newborns, try to refrain from taking your kids out in the cold winter. Chilly Winds can make the baby feel uncomfortable pretty easily & you don’t want to take a chance.

Avoid as much as possible to take longer walks during winter, this can hurt both you & your kid. It is good to keep the Outdoor Time as short a possible.

In the events that are unavoidable, you can look out for some of the cool gadgets or stuff you can get pretty soon from stores like Amazon. Here is a quick collection of some of them.

Stroller FootMuffs

These are like Bunting Bags for kids. But, the change is that, they are actually for the strollers and not for the kids directly. So, you just dress up the stroller using these muffs and let baby enjoy his/her seat normally.

They lock the warmth, inside the stroller and helps keep your baby warm during the regular stroller ride.

They are available in different variants from Infants to toddlers. You can choose the one which fits your car seat. Some of the Top stroller Brands like Uppababy, sells them specific to their own strollers as well. If your brand does not sell one, you can purchase Universal Fit Stroller FootMuffs which can fit in to most fo the strollers easily.

Here is a list of Top Stroller FootMuffs that you can choose from.

Here is a quick video that explains some basic comparisons between different models.

Stroller Blankets

While all of us have blankets at home, it is advisable to use a specific blanket for your kid’s stroller. If you are not able to get a bunting bag or foot muff, just get one of the Stroller Blankets available on Amazon and keep a set of stroller clip handy. 

This will help you handle unexpected wind or cold that you may come across during the stroll.

If you would like to get dedicated stroller blankets, here are a few suggestions from Amazon.

Here are quick video tutorials & some quick comparisons of different types of stroller blankets.

Hand Muffs

These are not for your kids, but as a parent, you need to be comfortable as well. HandMuffs will help you keep your hands warm during the winter rides. There are quite a few variations that are available now a days. 

If you are a mobile freak,  you can even get hand muffs that has a transparent mobile case in them. Though, this is not something we suggest, but can come handy to check any calls or messages during the ride.

Here are a couple of models for you to look for. You can get more models on Amazon. Just click on the button below and you will find all related products.

Here is a quick video regarding the same.

Stroller Cover

Stroller Covers are mainly intended to safe guard your kid from rain. But, they do help a lot during the chilly winters. Baby can be in better temperature, as the cover stops the wind from not entering inside.

Make sure that the covers that you are going to purchase has good ventilation. You should probably still need a stroller blanket or have good winter clothing for your kids even though you are using stroller cover.

Above products will definitely help your kids to be warm. But be sure to do the basic covering like, Mittens, Socks, Sweater, etc., 

If your kid is very small, make sure you cover him/her properly, before you come out. Prepare them well covered in the car seat and then, get them out doors. Do Not start covering them after coming outside.

Are you aware of any other interesting products that can help other parents? If so, just let us know.

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