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Lightweight strollers just as their name indicates are lighter in terms of just weight but come are heavy in terms of the features they come with. These types of strollers can typically be considered as next level to Umbrellas and little (almost null) less than a typical Standard Stroller. There is not definite differentiation between a Umbrella Strollers or Lightweight Strollers except for a few extra features that are available in the second. Umbrellas’ got their name due to the nature of the folding they provide and shape of the handle like an umbrella while these are named due to their relative lighter weight.

Unlike Umbrella Strollers, Lightweight Strollers can be used right from the age of infant considering the fact that these strollers come with multi level reclining and they recline almost to the flat position. Many of these strollers are compatible with different kinds of Car seats allowing the parents to be able to use them right out of the box.

Let’s take a look at the typical features that you need to know before getting a Lightweight Stroller.


Weight: One of the key differences & benefits of these strollers over the other strollers is, weight of the stroller. They are extremely light when compared to the other standard models. Look out for a Aluminum frame which can provide an excellent quality, durability and yet be very light.


Storage Space: A major factor that influence stability of the stroller is a Storage Space. While this not just allows/helps you to carry more stuff, it also makes sure that the Center of Gravity of the Stroller lies in the right position thus reduces the probability of stroller falling backwards easily. Most of the Lightweight strollers come with very ample storage space in terms of a ‘Storage Basket’ fitted below the baby seat, whereas an Umbrella might just have a Storage Pocket or none in many cases.


Handle Bar: Unlike Umbrellas, the Handle Bars for these kind of Strollers are typically connected between both sides of the stroller. Having a connected or single Handle Bar provides a better control and good maneuverability during the regular walks. This helps the stroller control with one hand while the unconnected handles lack this ability.


Parent Tray: These models also come with a parent tray which can be used to carry keys, phones and other stuff. While not many of these may not have all the features and few come just with a cup tray and not the rest, to help reduce the overall weight of this product.


Snack Tray: Few models come with a Snack Tray provided for the baby in the seat. While many of these can be easily removable, few of them can just swivel out. However, they provide an excellent ability to calm down a stressed child and avoids the brakes during regular errands. Eg: Contours Lite Stroller.


Folding: Being very light in nature doesn’t bother these kind of strollers from having an excellent ability to fold. Many of these strollers fold to the best compact size to help them being used even during a flight journey. Along with the compact fold, they are also able to be folded easily like One-Hand Fold, Quick Fold, etc., While few models do come with Self Standing Folds which makes the storage comfortable.


Car Seat Compatibility: Since these can be used from the infant age, many strollers come with ability to attach a Car Seat. Having this ability enhances the use of the stroller and avoids the need for maintaining multiple carry items for the baby. Certain models like Graco out performs by providing more compatible versions with any of their Click and Connect models and avoids the need for buying a separate car seat adapter.


Leg/Foot Rest: Since the primary usage of these types of strollers is typically for a shopping or regular walk during which the baby is generally active, it is important to consider the comfort and safety of the kid. Many of these models, provide an ability to adjust the leg rest which avoid the easy tiredness and few of the models come with adjustable & extendable Foot Rest as well providing more comfort.


Canopy: Many of these strollers come with an extended canopy which provides better protection to sun or rain. With a Peek a Boo window, it is still comfortable to track baby’s activities. Few models do provided an ability to easily remove the canopies.Eg: Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller


Harness: Safety is always a key factor to never stay low on. Most of these strollers come with a 5-Point Harness System to ensure that the baby is secured safely in the stroller. Depending on the usage and age of the baby, even a 3-Point may be OK but not suggestible.


While above mentioned features are typical, feel free to take a look at ‘All About Strollers’ for a full list of features a stroller could typically be available with. Considering the nature of these kinds of strollers, they do not come with a huge list of features. However, choosing a Lightweight stroller in connection with a good compatible light weight car seat, you duo can definitely be promising for your day to day life activities.

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