New Cybex e Priam Stroller Full Assessment


Cybex E Priam is one of the top and smart strollers from the cybex platinum strollers collection. This stroller is expected to be released in 2019 and available for every one for purchase. We’ve got you covered with some of the features that you can expect in this version of the stroller.

Exclusive Features To Expect in Cybex E Priam

Although, It is very early to comment on exact features, below are the self explanatory features that are going to be available as per official website.

  • Smart Uphill Assist
  • Smart Downhill Assist
  • Smart Uneven Surface Assist

This assist is actually provided with the help of a small electric motor attached to the back wheels, which makes the stroller work like a bike. This helps the stroller to be best usable in any terrains and eases pressure off of the parents. Below is quick excerpt from their official website.

The intelligent functions of the e-PRIAM make everyday life easier for modern parents and turn hilly cities and uneven terrain into child’s play. The unique uphill and downhill assistance make ascents and descents as effortless as flat terrain. And because not all paths are uniformly smooth, the e-PRIAM smartly adapts to the respective surface. Whether cobblestones, sand, forest paths, snow or gravel, the e-PRIAM is a breeze to maneuver.

While you are waiting for release of E Priam, if you are specifically looking for a luxury stroller, you can still get other variants available in Cybex Strollers which has almost similar features except the Smart Mover.

Before you start looking into the features, if you would like to know how to choose a stroller, check out our ultimate guide which explains everything about baby strollers.

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Cybex Platinum Features 

Here are some of the features that you can find in a stroller from Cybex Platinum variant.

  • Extendable XXL Sun Canopy
  • Memory Buttons
  • Padded Harness
  • Recline Function
  • HighChair Function
  • Leg Rest
  • Reversible Seat
  • Comfortable Seat Inlay
  • One Hand Folding
  • Can be used in Snow & Beach
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Seating Configuration

It is very common to worry about a stroller mainly due to the seating position and flexibility with the seat. This luxury stroller do not make you feel any low because of its ability to provide more comfort to your kid.

You actually get a good leg space while strolling you kid, because of its excellent seating position.

The seat can actually recline completely down, allowing your little to take a nap with out the need for a separate bassinet. You can use this seat typically from Birth up to 17 kg (~ 4 yrs) 

Cybex Luxury Seating Position

The seat can be turned towards you and have it in Reverse position as you are strolling your kid around, instead of the forward facing.

Of course, you can still buy the Carry Cot to be able to use for your infant if you wish to, which can be used from Birth to 9kg (~6 Months)

Before I forget, i need to also stress this point clearly, that the seat hight is perfectly aligned with the average table height to help with your trips to restaurants. Have you ever seen parents trying to help their kids or looking for high chairs even though they have a stroller? This one avoids the need for all those.


Just For Your Info
Cybex Eezy S Twist has a unique style of rotating seat unit. You can position the seat to the side ways.


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How can we not talk about Folding aspect in a stroller review? Though the E Priam is not out yet, you can see how easy it is to fold this stroller. The Unique seating position helps you Fold the Stroller with a Single Hand, which is one of the decent expectations of any parent.

Cybex Folding Self Stand

And once, you fold the stroller, it goes into Self Standing mode. So, there is no need for you to worry about it.

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Frame Style

One of the key aspects of Priam is that, you can customize per your own preference and choice. The different variations in the construction of its frame makes is flexible to customize per our style. Below is the quick snapshot of different Frame styles that are available with Priam versionCybex Priam Frame

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Other Specialities

Do you know that this stroller can be used even in the Beaches or in the extreme snow? You can actually replace the front wheel unit with Skis and use it perfectly fine. This is not something that you could find with other strollers.

You can convert the stroller to work with just 2 wheels. This can make it easier to stroll with your kid in a beach. And in fact, you can do this without the need of removing Car Seat from the stroller.

The Storage Space is very large and you can also extend if needed. In fact, this space is accessible very easily.


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Here is a quick video on First look of Cybex Platinum version from a Trade Expo by Mbeans. He does not talk about the electric motor, but you can take a closure look at the real stroller.

Cybex Priam Stroller 2019 | First Look

In this video, Eli shows you the Cybex Priam Stroller 2019 straight from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas! It's all about the details with the Priam. For 2019, you ...

Here are other videos detailing a short review and usage of Cybex Priam.

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Where to Buy

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Quick Review

9.8 Total Score
Best Luxury Stroller

Cybex Priam is one of the Best Luxury strollers available around. It provides an excellent & stunning looks along with a super safe for your kids to stroll around in any kind of terrains and in fact environments.

  • Stunning Looks
  • Good Leg Space for Parents
  • Table Height Seat
  • Reversible & Full Recline Seat
  • Smart Mover (Only for E Priam)
  • High Price Tag
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