Quinny Buzz Xtra Travel System Review

Looking for a luxury, stylish and premium Baby Stroller that you can use right from Birth till your baby grows? ‘Quinny Buzz Xtra‘ can definitely be a choice that you may look for. It has got really some good things that will help you during your travel and other regular walks or shopping. This stroller is in the market since a while and has already purchased by many users, In this ‘Quinny Buzz Xtra Travel System Review’ we’ll take a deep dive into the review of this ‘All Terrain Rugged Stroller’ with all those feedback factors into consideration.

Buzz Xtra is actually an upgraded version of Quinny Buzz Stroller. With this upgraded version, you get to use this even in the Urban areas, uneven surfaces or if you want, even on the smoother roads. Unlike the previous one, this stroller comes with Air Filled Tires both on the Front side and back side. Due to this, the baby can get a smoother ride even with out the need for an extra suspension. Quinny claims these to be a Never-Flat Tires, but it is safe to have an air pump handy all the times.

A great feature that definitely needs a shout out is, ‘Automated Unfolding‘. Once the flaps on either sides of the frame are unlocked, with a gentle pull, the Stroller unfolds automatically to the up right position. This helps parents very much when they are traveling with their kids all alone. Other thing to keep in mind is, this stroller do not come with a Self Standing option. It lies down flat on the ground when folded to allow the Hydraulic mechanism to work its magic to unfold the stroller automatically. However, when the stroller is folded, the flaps on either sides ensure that the stroller is locked in its folding position. Many reviews by the users on various websites report that, these locks stop working after some period of usage. So, be watchful about this.


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Canopy of this stroller is one other good part. Unlike many other strollers, the canopy is actually a Height Adjustable. If you child is tall, you can increase the height for more space. There is a zipped closure, which lets the canopy in its size to begin with and if need can be expanded further. With the pop-out sun visor, there is no doubt that the baby is secured from the sun rays. This will help in avoiding the need for an umbrella for your stroller. You may still need though 🙂

With help of a Quinny Buzz Tukk & Maxi Cosi Baby Car Seat, this stroller can be used as a 3-in-1 Travel System. Tukk can help the new born baby in his sleeping position. As they grow, you can use the car seat alone attached to the frame and avoid the need for getting a new stroller. The car seat can be placed very easily and can be configured to face outwards or to your side. This kind of configuration is very less in major stroller brands and is good to see such feature. Few of the parents indicated that the stroller does get folded automatically (lays down) with the child in seat. So, be careful and keep an eye on your child always. While the ability of seat position changes is good, it is observed that you cannot fold the stroller when the seat is facing to wards you.

The toddler seat has got a breathable fabric which allows the baby get extra comfort during the ride. With 2 steps of reclining, this is OK in terms of comfortability. It has got extra padded Safety shoulder straps which helps baby to be securely positioned in all the times. There is an Adjustable foot rest to help your child feel comfortable during the ride.

Being a 3 wheeled stroller, the maneuvering of this stroller is very easy. The height adjustable bar makes it much easier for both the parents to enjoy the strolling if they differ in height. With the One Step Touch Leg brakes, controlling of this stroller is very easy. When you touch or click with the Right foot (on the red colored paddle) the stroller comes to a halt and with touch on left paddle, the brake gets released. There is good amount of storage space which can meet the needs during the ride. Again, one other good thing about this space is, it is accessible from all sides of the stroller and has got a zipped closure to keep some personal stuff safe.

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Features At A Glance …

  • Harness – 5-Point Harness System
  • Brakes – Foot Activated
  • Wheels – Front Wheel Swivel (Lockable)
  • Tires – Air Filled Never Flat Tires 
  • Seat – Two Ways – Forward & Backward Facing
  • Folding – Automated Unfolding & Easy To Fold
  • Snack Tray – No Child Tray, but have a bumpy bar
  • Handle Bar – Height Adjustable


  • Car Seat Configuration – Click-In. Compatible with Maxi-Cosi 
  • Compatibility – Compatible with Maxi-Cosi
  • Parent Tray – No
  • Suspension – None
  • Reclining – 2 position
  • Storage Space – Decent Sized Basket & Zippered Pocket

Be sure to visit ‘Travel Systems’ to know the detailed information of each of the features mentioned above.

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Product Information:

Product FeatureInformation
Weight27 lbs
Dimensions31" x 25.5" x 39.5"
Rear Wheel Diameter12"
Front Wheel Diameter8"
Car Seat Dimensions10.2" x 18.9" x 9"
Car Seat + Base Weight7.8 lbs
Usage RangeBirth - 50 lbs

Pros & Cons …


  • Can be a growing with baby stroller, can be used from birth till the toddler.
  • Very Easy Maneuverability
  • Automated Unfolding helps you avoid wastage of time.
  • Telescopic height adjustable handlebar
  • 5 Point Harness with extra padded straps.
  • 2 Way seating configuration


  • No Child Snack Tray.
  • No Parent Cup Holder.
  • Relatively bit pricey
  • Relatively bit heavier than other Travel Systems.

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Love this stroller so easy to use and folds/unfolds so easily.
High quality, nice price,


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