Renting a Baby Stroller

Are you going on a short trip and wondering between renting a stroller Vs taking your own stroller? In this article, we will go over some of the aspects to help you chose between the both along with the places to rent them, if you wish to.

Lets see some of the instances one would prefer to Rent a Stroller in general ..

  • Going to parks like Disney or Zoos.
  • Going to a new place/city for some time.
  • Trying to have something for a short time for a kid visiting
  • A Kid is visiting your house.
  • Doing a Flight Journey with no possibility to check in the stroller.

While the above are a few of the common reasons, there could be many other reasons for some one to think about renting a stroller.

For example, Taking own Stroller to Disney might be something bit tedious activity, if you are trying to find a Flight Deal at the best price. Some airlines might charge you for the stroller (not every airlines though).

Other example is, when you are going on a Road Trip and need more space in your car Trunk, it might be viable to chose a rental stroller. This can help you enjoy your available car trunk space with other needed luggage.

Most of these Strollers actually are available under $10 for a day, which makes it an easier choice as well.

Benefits of Renting a Stroller

As you have already observed some benefits from above examples, here are a few more benefits of renting a stroller instead of carrying your own stroller.

  • Get a chance to Try a New Stroller (May be you want to change in future)
  • Get a cleaner stroller instead of something that got worn out during the travel. (Most of the strollers are sanitized between each new user)
  • As discussed earlier, Saves space in your Car (if you are traveling on a Road Trip)
  • Saves money on flights (Some of the Flights offer better pricing if you are on less luggage)
  • Your existing stroller might have already been worn out or too heavy to carry.
  • etc., 

Problems with Renting a Stroller

Though renting can help you from many hassels, you should still consider the common problems that you may face with them.

  • These strollers are used by other kids already.
  • They may not be generally very comfortable. Example, Strollers at Disney are very basic and lack ability to provide a good sleeping posture for your kids.
  • If you are renting for more days, it might turn out to be costly.
  • Make sure the rental agencies are open through out your journey period to ensure that you don’t end up paying for their closures.

Where To Rent?

Renting a Stroller depends on where you are going. Many places like Zoos or theme parks like Disney, offer stroller rentals in their parks itself. If you are unsure, is your park has the rentals or not, it is good to call up them and check out prior to the travel.

Of course, these days, there are many services that are available online to provide the Baby Equipment for rent. You can do a quick search on google to find out the providers near the place that you are visiting. 

Example, “rent a stroller near me” or “rent a stroller <location you are visit>” can give you a list of vendors who are doing this. 

Make sure that you do a Pre-Order before your travel begins to make sure that you don’t have a surprise once you get there. 

Here is a quick list of vendors that you can give a try, (Make sure you check if the location that you are visiting is covered or not)


These a just a few among many that started coming up in the recent past. Do a quick search and you should find many.

Alternatively, you can also look for Cheap & Used Baby strollers on Facebook Buy & Sell Groups as well. If you don’t find the one that you are comfortable with, you can just buy a Used Stroller and give it away to some one when you are returning from your trip. 



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