Baby Strollers Accessories Guide

Choosing a Baby Stroller with all the bells & whistles may be a bit costlier thing yet times. Just like many other products, you can also customize or spice up your strollers or even get the some basic needs in a different fashion and avoid spending extra cost to get a new stroller. So, here are some of the Best Stroller Accessories that you can look for.


Most of us get a Diaper bag along with a stroller and may either end up ignoring & get used to enjoy the ride without them or you may need to start researching on all these things. We have consolidated a few of the most and best accessories that we felt are either missing in many strollers or good to consider as an add-on to your existing features to make your journey much comfortable. Keep reading through to understand about different types of accessories that you can look for & what is that accessory? why you need? which stroller type need this? where to get these?, etc.,


Stroller Organizers:

Carrying all your baby needs in your stroller is just like shrinking your baby room into the smallest possible space. If you have large storage space with in your stroller, it might be ok to throw all these things like diaper bag, toys, etc., into that. But if you want to pick something easily, it is going to be tough. Where do you keep some immediate needs like your mobile phone, keys, baby milk bottle etc.,???

Most of the strollers do come with Parent Trays which mostly take care of these needs. However, not all might be well structured enough to cater all your needs. Some do not even have a parent tray. These may not be provided for various reasons like, to keep the cost under control, allow for more customization than restricting etc., In such cases, Stroller Organizers come in very handy. These Organizers are relatively cheap and easily compatible with majority of the models and manufacturers. They are Very Light weighted, Available in different models, Adaptable to almost any stroller, Relatively Cheaper, Attachable & Detachable with ease.


Consider below couple of things before you pick one.

Design – Fit Any Model – Choose the ones which can fit different strollers/models. If you choose other than your stroller manufacturer’s better to consider something that is Universal Fit. Look for Velcro straps, they can help you manage with stroller frame. Look for expanding straps, to help you manage stroller width. (Of course, you cannot get one for Single and expect to be used with Double strollers). Eg: Freddie & Snebbie

Features – Some of the important features that you can look for are, Number of Cup Holders, Deepness of the Cup Holders, Center Pocket size, Zipped closure or open compartment, Compartment Size, Meshed Zipped Pockets to store small items like pacifiers, etc., Detachable units that can be used as hand purse (Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer), Washable material, Easy fix and removable, Adjustable Straps, Waterproof material.


Sample models that you can look for,



Applicable For

These Stroller Organizers can be considered as Add-Ons for all the stroller types, including Stroller Frames. Make sure you check the product description about the compatibility else choose the one which is universal fit.


Best Sellers In this segment



Child Tray

Keeping your babies engaged through out your journey may not be challenging as long as the baby is quite and comfortable. But if the baby goes cranky and not interested to stay in stroller or if the baby is hungry, its gonna be a definite break time that you cannot avoid. Many parents take a short break to either feed their younger ones or engage them in different ways. Having a Child Tray helps them in either of these times in many ways. Of course some of the manufacturers provide these trays as part of the product, while some do not provide them due to various reasons. In such cases, you can get this one as an Add-On to your stroller very conveniently.

Even if your stroller comes with a child tray, you may still consider upgrading them to something that can give you more features not just to handle a sippy cup or small toy. Products like ‘Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray’ provides more surface area which can allow kids to play more comfortably. It also has got 2 Large Side Pockets which can handle more than water bottles, small toys, etc.,


Consider below couple of things before you pick one.

Detachability – Make sure that the tray is easily detachable and attachable to the stroller. Ensure that, this is compatible with your infant car seat and stroller, this can help you avoid spending twice. Some trays like Britax B-Agile Tray can be released on either sides to help baby get in and out of the stroller easily. So, check for this feature if available in your choice.

Features – Understand what you are going to get. Like, How many Cup holders? One or 2 cup holders, What is the area of the tray? is it narrow to allow only for cup holders or wide to allow babies eat their snacks, What is the make of the tray? Plastic will help in controlling the overall weight, any other accessories? trays like Start Kids Snack & Tray comes with side pockets which provide extra storage and easy access for kids and parents.





Applicable For

This kind of Add-Ons are applicable for all most all the strollers mostly while not using the infant car seat. These are not suggested to be used with Jogger Strollers due to safety constraints during the run. You may use with joggers only if you are not jogging or running but may be using it as a regular stroller.


Best Sellers In this segment


Stroller Hooks

Going for shopping is nothing but dealing with enough number of bags back home. You may be ok to push the shopping cart if you are using a Baby Carrier, if not you may need some one to help you carry all the bags. If you try to put all the bags in your stroller storage area, you may end up loosing space for basic need of your baby. That’s when the Stroller Hooks come handy for you. They help you get space if your stroller doesn’t have one or can help you expand the storage space for your stroller.

These hooks help you consolidate all these bags and let you carry them together. By snapping these to the stroller, you can give a little freedom to your self. Hooks like ‘XL Stroller Hooks’ are even compatible to use with the shopping carts. These can help you carry all your bags attached to your stroller and can easily transferred to your car trunk.


Caution: Do not hang heavy items, to your stroller ever. Read more Stroller Safety Tips here. Where possible try to use these hooks at lower heights of the strollers. This can help in avoiding any tip over of the strollers.


Consider below points before you pick one,

Compatibility – Look for the ones which are compatible with all models of the strollers. Though, they are relatively cheap, it is better to be prepared to use them beyond the baby strollers. Few of the models like ‘XL Stroller Hooks’ are available to get snapped with any stroller handle & some others are available with a velcro straps.

Make – Look for the hooks made of metal (you can find aluminum makes easily) instead of plastic. This will help in having a longer lifetime and also be useful for carrying more load and not break in middle of the trip.


2 Velcro strapped Stroller Hooks from Baby Bubz



Applicable For

This kind of Add-Ons are applicable for all most all the strollers. Make sure these are used carefully to avoid any tip overs of the strollers.


Best Sellers In this segment



Car Seat Adapters

As long as you get a Travel System, you are all set with Stroller along with compatible Infant Car Seat. But, If you already have either an Infant Car Seat or Stroller and if you want to make use of these both instead of buying a new one, you would need the help of a Car Seat Adapter. These adapters help you in being able to connect sometimes various brands of Infant Car Seats to your choice Strollers. Of course, you need to ensure that the stroller accepts these adapters before you get one of these. Few of the companies also sell these to allow expand the stroller from single to double (like Baby Jogger City Select)

These adapters vary in different formats, some companies provide 2 independent adapters that can be connected on either sides of the strollers to allow compatible with Britax Infant Car Seats. Eg: Bob provides the individual adapters to connect Britax Seats, Contours is available to connect Chicco Infant Car Seats, et., . some others available as a single unit in to which the car seat is either snapped into or strapped into it. These kind of adapters are more used in case of Stroller Frames. Read more about Stroller Frames here.


Consider below points before you pick one,

Compatibility – Make sure you understand the compatibility between your Stroller Or Stroller Frame/Car Seat Carrier and your infant car seat. Visit the respective manufacturers website to ensure this compatibility is listed in both the places.

Ease of Installation – Understand how easy it is to install the car seat. This can help you understand how safe the baby is secured. You can get many configurations depending on the Infant Car Seat manufactures. Companies like Britax come with Flex Loc, Graco has Click Connect, et., Check out ‘All About Travel Systems’ to know the common car seat configurations.


ContoursAdapter_For_BritaxContours Adapters for Britax Infant Car Seats

BoBAdapter_For_BritaxBoB Car Seat Adapter for Britax & Bob Infant Car Seats

UppaBabyAdapater_For_ChiccoUppababy Car Seat Adapter for Chicco Infant Car Seats



Applicable For

This kind of Add-Ons are applicable for all most all the strollers. You may see these being less in the Umbrella Strollers though. Only premium models in umbrellas or lightweight strollers, you can find these kind of adapters.


Best Sellers In this segment



Weather Protectors ( Rain Cover Or Sun Shade Cover Or Bug Net )

Of course, no one would prefer taking their baby out in a bad weather conditions. However, if you are living in a place where things can change very fast, it is better to be prepared than avoiding or rushing up when needed. Although many companies do provide good Sun Protection with the help of Canopies built with UV50+ protection material and extra Sun Visors, not all the companies provide good protection from Rain and Wind. Very few models like ‘Maclaren BMW Buggy Stroller’ are available with an Rain cover as part of the product package. For many others, these needs to be bought separate.

Among the various types that are available, the most important and common varieties include, Multipurpose Weather Protector, Rain Cover, Bug Net. These not only help your baby from weather conditions, they can also help your baby from any small particles flying around and bugs when you are strolling in a park or in woods, etc.,


Consider below points before you pick one,

Safety – If you are picking these weather protectors to protect your baby from Rain, you may end up getting the one made of plastic. Make sure that you choose the one which has enough ventilation to avoid any suffocation for the baby. The material should be providing UV protection.

Easy Install – You should be able to easily install this protector when needed. Choose the models which can support Throw-Over installation rather than setting up every corner one by one.

Compactness – Since these needs to be used in emergency. Ensure you pick the one which can fold compact. This can help you save space thus encourage you keep this handy all the times.

All Purpose – Understand the purpose of the product. If you pick a plastic material rain cover, it may be usable during windy situations as well. But if you pick a Mosquito Net, you may be limited to use it only during park time and not as a weather shield in case of rain. So, try to weigh in the needs and get one accordingly.


Universal Baby Weather Sheile

Universal Baby Weather Shield Rain Cover with Sun Screen Curtain


Universal Rain & Wind Shield by FakeFace


Marrywindix Elastic Full Cover Mosquito Net



Applicable For

This kind of Add-Ons are applicable for all most all the strollers.


Best Sellers In this segment



Other than the one’s mentioned above, there are quite a lot accessories like ‘Stroller Fans‘ that can help you customize your stroller to the extent possible. Below is a quick list that can give you a glimpse of a few accessories that we came across. Thought of sharing as some of them are really interesting.


AccessoryProduct InfoGood ForSample
Extra Padding for Harness StrapsAllows your baby to have a cushioned Harness System.All Kinds of Strollers which are relatively cheaper and do not come with a paddingHarnessStraps
Cup HoldersFor easy accessibility of a drink bottle or water bottle while strolling your babyAll Baby StrollersKidluf Cup Holder
Glider BoardThese help you extend your stroller to be used for a 2nd child if you own a single stroller or make your Double Stroller as a Triple rider. Be cautious about this, adding this might cause little discomfort during strolling. You may try getting 'Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle Extension Bar' to help you though.Certain products are compatible all kinds of strollers including Umbrella Strollers.Englacha_2In1_Cozy_Rider
Stroller LockJust like a bicycle, you can also secure your stroller whenever you go for a sight seeing location or any other place.All Kinds of StollersStrollerLock_BuggyGuard
Stroller ConnectorUpgrading to a double stroller may always not feasible thing. If you got Umbrella strollers or Lightweight strollers, it is easy to get this connector set to couple both of them. Though they are claimed as good for Single Strollers, practically, they are good for Umbrella StrollersStrollerConnectors
Handlebar ExtensionIf you are using a Glider board, you may need this for sure. But in general, this helps you to get an extension to your stroller & create more leg room for you while strolling.All Kinds of StrollersHandleBarExtension


If you are aware of any other accessories, let us know in comments and would love to know them.


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