Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller – Review

Never compromise your health & wealth. If you are looking for a Stroller that can allow to take your 2 kids with you on your jogging yet not pay much for those fancy strollers, Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller is the best choice with no doubt. This Side-By-Side Double Stroller has all the features that you need to ensure your run continue with no interruptions. Just like ‘Baby Trend Expedition Travel System Stroller‘ this stroller is available in multiple variants to suite your taste.


With Large Bicycle Style tires, Expedition Double Jogging stroller gets your running spree more comfortable and less tiring. The Front Wheels Swivel & are as well lockable. The locking of the front wheels is very easy (see gallery below) and lets you enjoy your run with no wobbling of the stroller. This is one of the key factors that a regular looks for and even with a double weight in the stroller, this is not a concern. If you are looking for using the same stroller for other activities like shopping or walking around on a short trips in the park etc., you easily unlock the swivel feature of the stroller to provide a good maneuverability.



Front Wheel with Swivel ability


The Air Filled (Pneumatic) tires makes takes care of the smoother ride by providing extra cushion to the kids and helps you enjoy your run in all terrains with no bars. Though the stroller is Bit Heavier than other strollers in the same segment, the air filled tires cover this up by letting your stroller run to match up your speed providing smoother run. Be prepared with the air pumps, these are not the Forever Air Filled tires like Baby Jogger City Select stroller.


Jogging Strollers are not meant to be used for babies less than 6 months or at least until the baby is comfortable to hold his/her neck upright. Same is applicable for this stroller as well. Just to support the same, this stroller can only be used by the children who are 6 months older. No Infant car seats are suggested to be used and there is no provision for any car seat adapters as well in the stroller.


The Stroller Seats do recline in to multiple positions and let your kids enjoy the ride and as well as let them have a little nap. A meshed cover on top of the seat lets a free flow of fresh air when reclined to the lower angles. Multi Position Recline is one of the best features and must have for any kind of strollers. With a Peek-A-Boo integrated window, the Ratcheting Shade Canopy ensures that your kids are always covered with very well ventilation and are protected from sun shade and wind on the run. This comes in help very well if you are on the jog in those early & evening hours especially when the sun is almost in the close to setting. The foot rest of the seats is pretty strong and its aerodynamic shape helps towards smoother ride along the way. This foot rest is combined and may be little clumsy or dis comfort for the taller kids.



2Seats reclined & Peek A Boo Window with Canopy

Each of the seats are provided with 5-Point Harness system which helps to let your kids be more secured and safe during the run. A Safety Wrist Strap takes care of the security of stroller on the run and allows you keep connected to the stroller always. Make sure you strap it always to your hand and bottom of the stroller. As many other strollers, this stroller has an easy controlled Leg Brake system which can get your stroller halted quicker.


To cater the needs for your kids on the go, there is a Large Storage Basket under the seats which can be easily accessible from behind and sides of the stroller. While there is No Child Tray or Trays, a Parent Tray is provided with decent sized cup holders and covered storage compartment which can easily handle a drink & your mobile phone, car keys, etc., The Trigger fold which is near the handle bar lets you close the stroller easily in half of its size. The large back wheels snap out of the stroller if needed to make the stroller ready for a better and compact size. Overall this stroller is a decent choice for the price this is available though.

Features At A Glance …

  • Harness – 5-Point Harness System
  • Brakes – Foot Activated
  • Wheels – Front Wheel Swivel (Lockable)
  • Tires – Rubber & Bicycle Style 
  • Seat – One Way – Front Facing
  • Folding – Easy Fold 
  • Snack Tray – No Child Tray  
  • Safety Strap – Yes  


  • Car Seat Configuration & Compatibility – Not Applicable 
  • Parent Tray – Yes
  • Suspension – No
  • Reclining – Multi position
  • Handle Bar – Not Height Adjustable
  • Storage Space – Decent Size Basket
  • Canopy – Large & Adjustable 

Be sure to visit our detailed guide ‘All About Double Strollers’ to know the detailed information of each of the features mentioned above.


Product Information:

Product FeatureInformation
Weight32.5 lbs
Dimensions - Folded31.5"W x 46"L x 42"H
Total Width31.5" W
Usage Range6 Months - 50 lbs

Pros & Cons …


  • 5 Point Harness
  • Pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Quick & Compact Folding
  • Self Standing folding
  • Large Storage Basket
  • Multi Position Seat recline
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders & little storage compartment (a mobile can fit in)


  • No Child Snack Tray.
  • No wheel suspension other than rubber tires
  • Combined canopy
  • No Car Seat compatibility
  • Divider between both the seat is very small


Note: Joggers are not recommended for new borns.

Gallery / Feel the Features ..





Overheard Reviews:

Below are some reviews available by customers on various portals regarding this product.

I looked at several jogging strollers. I decided on this one because it was smaller than most. I do really like it. It meets all our needs. Fits through standard doors. Folds up easy and fairly small. The two seats do lean into each other but my kids don’t seem to mind. The under storage could be bigger but ok.


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