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Jogging or Running is one of the most common healthy habit one can teach their kids from their young age. Though Jogging Strollers are not intended for this purpose in particular, getting your baby along with you on your regular jogging routine will help them get habituated this healthy living very early. Many parents also consider taking their babies out during jogging to avoid paying a baby sitter for this period. In either cases, It is most important to consider few factors while choosing Jogging Strollers to avoid the extra and unwanted expenditure of your energy and price as well. In this article, we will focus on some of the Best Jogging Strollers that you can start knowing about and also compare quickly.

Key Factors To Consider Before You Finalize

Take a quick look at the key things before you finalize on any Jogging Stroller. Read ‘All About Jogging Strollers‘ to know detailed information of the features that you need to consider and look for while buying a Jogging Stroller.

Lightweight frame : You are already spending efforts to burn your calories by running, keep all the energy reserved for running and not pushing the stroller. Choosing a Lightweight Jogging Stroller can help you run with less stress. Stroller like Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller is available at 22.4 lbs.

Suspension : Comfort of your baby is one other major factor that can let you concentrate and run more. If your kid is not comfortable, he/she would may not be happy being in the stroller for longer time which can lead to spoil your running routine. Look out for the strollers like ‘BOB Revolution Flex 2016‘ which have more Suspension to the seats and can help you in maintaining your running spree.

Air filled Tires : Pick up strollers which have Air Filled tires, this can help you use the stroller both Off Road & On road conditions. Choosing a plastic tire will limit you from being able to use this stroller in the woods or rough terrain. Also if you use plastic tires (though they are claimed as Hard Plastic), they get easily worn out with the usage on rough roads.

Easy Fold : You don’t want to maintain a beast while you are on run and would definitely not wish to spend too much time spending to fold your stroller. Not specially after are done with a tiresome miles of running. Check out for Easy Fold options in any stroller you pick, you can easily get your child out and Squeeze or Pull Or Trigger a fold. Strollers like ‘Baby Jogger Summit X3‘ have a One Hand Fold to close the stroller.

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Quick Comparison of Best Jogging Strollers

Features Bob Revolution Flex 2016 Baby Jogger Summit Thule Urban Glide BabyTrend Expedition LX Schwinn Arrow Single
5 Point Harness
Parent Tray
Child Tray
Handle Bar Adjustable Adjustable Not Adjustable Not Adjustable Not Adjustable
Suspension All Wheels All Wheels All Wheels No Front Only
Weight 28.5 Lbs 28.1 Lbs 23 Lbs 27 Lbs 24 Lbs
Usage 4 - 70 lbs 6m - 75 lbs 6m - 75 lbs 6m - 50 lbs 6m - 50 lbs
Safety Strap
Hand Brake
Link Get On Amazon Get On Amazon Get On Amazon Get On Amazon Get On Amazon
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BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Stroller


BoB 2016 Revolution Flex has been one of the best choices for many parents. With its new version in 2016, Bob has come up with the most needed feature ‘Adjustable Handle Bar‘. In this new version of Bob Revolution Flex Stroller, you can now get a handle bar which can be adjusted into 9 different positions to allow both the parents enjoy their ride with the baby. Its a known fact that BoB has been always the front runner in this segment. With this extra upgrade you gonna definitely love it beyond. With a Single Hand Adjustable Seat Reclining feature you can now let your baby get to nap easily on the run. (You need both hands to bring back into straight position though). This stroller is apt for parents who run for longer period. Its easy to let your baby get to sleep position. This stroller is available with the quick fold mechanism which can be done in 2 Easy steps to close/fold the stroller. It gets closed in to compact size and easy to carry in the car or for storing in small spaces. Of course this cannot stand on its when folded which would be great if BoB could think of this. Suspension is one other must feature to look in any Jogging Strollers, BoB Revolution is available with an Adjustable Suspension System with a 3 inch for travel and 2 stages of weight support which provides more smoother ride.


Why Should You Get This ?

  • It provides the best riding experience in all Terrains
  • One of the Light Weight Jogging Strollers with a weight of 24lbs
  • Been the top choice for many parents in this segment (with its predecessor model even without the Adjustable Handle bar)
  • Front Wheel Locks are easy to manage
  • Extra Large Canopy to provide good protection for your kids
  • Peek-A-Boo Window
  • Extra Large Storage


Why Should You Continue researching?

  • No Hand Brake like Revolution Pro.
  • No Self Stand on folding

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller

BabyJogger_Summit_X3_FrontBaby Jogger’s Summit X3 has been one of the jogging strollers that has been built with ample amount of features. This stroller has been a great choice for many people due to the same and due to its stunning looks. Even though, it weighs 28.4 lbs, it is easy to be used either as a regular stroller for shopping or purely for jogging/running purpose. It has to very good ventilation to your baby on board. The canopy is provided with triangular mesh windows on either sides and can be controlled by the Velcro sleeves (a Magnetic closure would have been an excellent option though). It has got 2 Peek-A-Boo windows which can be used in any position of the extendable canopy. When the seat is reclined to flat position, there is a mesh which allows fresh air to flow in. All these can help your baby to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the surroundings.

Unlike other strollers, there is an option to lock the Front wheel from swivel directly from the lever available near the handlebar. This Remote Wheel Lock will avoid you to stop and bend down to the front wheel to lock it every time you need it. One other great feature that a jogger would love is to be able to stop the stroller at ease. Summit X3 has got a ‘Hand Brake‘ which can help you control and slow down the speed of your stroller as needed.

Baby Jogger’s Unique One Hand Quick Fold helps you to fold the stroller very comfortably. When you pull the strap on the deep seat corner, it folds into compact size. Of course, this as well do not come with self stand incase if you are looking for this feature. The seats are provided with cushioned 5- Point Harness system which provide extra comfort and safety to your kids during the run.


Why Should You Get This ?

  • Good for all Terrains
  • Air filled Light Weight tires for smoother ride.
  • Hand Controlled Break
  • Remote Lock for Front Swivel wheels
  • Large Canopy with extra ventilation to provide good protection for your kids
  • 2 Peek-A-Boo Windows
  • Extra Large Storage


Why Should You Continue researching?

  • Many consumers complained about wobbling wheels
  • No Self Stand on folding


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Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller

Thule_Urban_GliderThule Urban Glide has been one of the best and Light Weight Jogger Stroller. With a weight of just 23 lbs, this stroller is easy to stroll. Calories should burn with running, not by pushing your stroller 🙂 . With its aerodynamic design, this stroller glides very perfectly with less effort during the run. The Air Filled Tires in Bicycle style makes the stroller usable in all Terrains. Your baby is always protected on board with the help of Large Extendable Canopy. A Sun-visor is attached at the front of the canopy and it helps in protecting your baby from any flying particles like leaves or so while still allowing your baby to enjoy the nature. The canopy is detachable from the rear end and is movable & adjustable to provide more straight protection if needed to act as a windshield.

One other great feature of this stroller is, its Storage space. Unlike other strollers, this stroller comes with a cover to the storage unit. This Covered storage space helps you avoid cleaning up the storage space after every run. If you have small things to be available handy, you can use the Zipper Storage Pocket attached to the storage basket below the seats. Wish there is such option available near the handlebar though.

Like Contours Elite Option (read review here), this stroller has 2 side pockets on either sides of the seat to have small toys or water bottles handy for the baby. The Height Adjustable Handle Bar make this stroller usable by any of the parents as per their height

Track the front wheel if it is not correct with the tracking control beside the front wheel lock knob. This can help you when you are doing laps and need a little inclination instead of rotating the stroller every time. This stroller also comes with a One Hand Fold which allows you to fold the stroller with vey ease. Though it cannot Auto Lock itself, it can be on its own when the handle bar is position correctly. This Self Standing fold option is one other great thing to look for when you are concerned about the storage and small cars.


Why Should You Get This ?

  • Good for all Terrains
  • Large & Covered Storage space
  • Quick access storage pocket
  • Air filled Light Weight tires for smoother ride.
  • Large Canopy with pull over sun shade and easily adjustable to any position
  • Sleek & Light Weight with 23 lbs
  • Pop-Out wheels if you need more compact sized folding
  • 2 Side pockets in the seat.


Why Should You Continue researching?

  • No Magnetic straps for Peek A Boo
  • Not Auto Lock when the stroller is folded


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Schwinn Arrow Single Stroller

SchwinnArrowWith a weight of ~24lbs, Schwinn Arrow Single Stroller falls under the Light weight Jogging Strollers category. If you are looking for a Jogging Stroller only for running or jogging you can try Schwinn Arrow. Due to the fixed front wheel, it would be difficult to use this stroller in the shopping malls or for a short walks since you have to lift the stroller every time you need to maneuver. The stroller does come with a Parent Tray which is a great but not common feature in the Jogging Stroller segments.

With an Ergonomical handle bar the push is gonna be a great comfort. The Handle Bar is Height Adjustable and also has a Hand Brake which helps in greater control of the stroller during the run in any steep places.

It comes with a Large Storage basket accessible from front and rear ends of the stroller. The Car seat reclines to give more comfort for your kid but it does not recline to flat position. This may be ok since these strollers are meant for kids more than 6 months, but does not provide that great comfort like others. The car seat material is removable and washable which is again a good feature especially if you have a routine to run in the woods.

Tires of the strollers are Air Filled and are all of same size unlike many other strollers in the same segment. Suspension system of this stroller is not adjustable which means if you need to be sure about the bumps more than when you are using other strollers. This can be a choice if you are low on budget and would limit the usage of this stroller only for jogging or running.


Why Should You Get This ?

  • Good for all Terrains
  • Large Storage space
  • Air filled Light Weight tires
  • Compact folding when the wheels are removed.
  • Dual Trigger Fold
  • Hand brake
  • Height Adjustable Handle


Why Should You Continue researching?

  • Fixed Front wheel limits the usage of the stroller only to running
  • Non Adjustable Suspension System
  • Many consumers complained that the pushing of this stroller is getting harder even with 40lb kids.
  • Small Canopy and do not provide complete protection

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Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

BabyTrend_Expedition_JoggerLooking for an All Purpose stroller that can set you go if you wanna run? Checkout the ‘Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller‘, this can be used as a regular stroller for a shopping mall or as a jogging stroller on your next run. This stroller comes with a Lockable Swivel Front Lock and help you use the stroller in all times.

This stroller comes with a Parent Tray which has 2 Cup Holders, & covered storage space which can store your mobiles, keys, etc., Unlike many other jogging strollers, this one is available with child Tray which can be removed if not needed very easily.

The Handle Bar is Not Adjustable but is very ergonomically built & is extra wide to provide more comfort during the ride. The Canopy is of decent size and ratchets to provide more comfort and protection to the kids on board from the direct straight sun light or wind. The Seats are reclinable and does come with a 5-Point Harness system to provide more security. The seat material is removable and washable. This helps in easy cleaning of the stroller.

There is Large Storage space available beneath the seats and is accessible from all side of the stroller. One other great feature of this stroller is the Foot Rest Reflectors, they help you during the low-light conditions. Folding of this stroller is very easy and is accessible with a pull of the trigger placed near the handle bar and closes to perfectly well. If you need more compactness, you can easily remove the tires.


Why Should You Get This ?

  • Good for all Terrains
  • Large Storage space
  • Compact folding when the wheels are removed.
  • Pull to Fold Trigger


Why Should You Continue researching?

  • Non Adjustable Handle Bar
  • No Brake System
  • No Self Stand after folding.

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