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Best Stroller Fans Review | Ride Your Baby Cool In Summer - Baby Strollers Info

Best Stroller Fans Review | Ride Your Baby Cool In Summer


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Stroller Fans are one of the Best Baby Stroller Accessories that you can carry very easily & be helpful these days. You are in the right place, If you are in search of the Best Stroller Fans & a Quick Review of the same to keep your baby cool this summer.


In this article, we will go over and discuss some of the most important things like,

  • What is a Baby Stroller Fan / a Clip On Fan?
  • Why do you need one?
  • Types of Fans & How to Choose & What to look for?
  • What are the Pros & Cons of using a Fan in Your Stroller, etc.,
  • What are some of the Best Stroller Fans that you can buy right away.


We’ll try to make this as a Guide to Stroller Fan for Baby Strollers as much as possible. Feel free to comment and let us know your opinion. 


What is a Stroller Fan & Why do you Need One ?


Stroller Fan or commonly also called as Clip On fan is nothing but a Portable Fan that can be fitted/attached/mounted into a Frame or Handle or somewhere on your Baby’s Stroller or  Car Seat.


It is very common for temperatures to irritate your kid under various conditions. These ‘On the Go Clip Fans’ help your baby from not missing the cool breeze. 


They help your kid enjoy a short nap or even a short trip without worrying about the Summer out there. While your Strollers Canopy or Shade is taking of the direct Sun Impact, these little fans will help keep your baby cool.


Best Stroller Fans


In fact, most of these can be used beyond just for strollers. As an example, they can used as Desk Fans, Playpen Fans, Camp Fans or Crib Fans, etc.,


One of the most common question that many parents have is, ‘Do Stroller Fans Work?’. And the simple answer is, Yes.


But, depending on the weather conditions you (your kid) may be ok with a Fan with Soft Foam Blade or you might need a Hard Plastic Framed Fan to have a good breeze.


So choose them accordingly to get the best results. Good thing is that, they are relatively cheap and definitely a good accessory to be carried by any parents.


Pros & Cons of a Fan on Your Baby Stroller –


Are there any benefits of using them? Are there any look abouts while using these? Sure, what in this world will not have Pros & Cons 🙂 ?


Lets talk about the Pros to start off …

  • They can help you sooth your concerned baby to some extent.
  • These little fans can be used even in the Cars attached to car seats, can be used as Desk Fans, etc., 
  • They can give good air flow on a very dry day even if the Sun is not that bright & temperatures are not that high.


While there are not specific Cons to the fans itself, 

  • They do pose a concern if you have an Active Kid who wants to play everything that comes in their way.
  • While these little gadgets can be handy, yet times they don’t meet the needs to the level that we need. Example, many parents from high temperature locations complain that, these fans do not meet their needs.


Different Types of Stroller Fans – 


While there are a lot of companies that are producing these fans with out any specific types, we can still classify them in to 2 High Level Categories.


Fans with Soft Foam Blades

These type of fans are the little ones that come with just a fan or open blades, with no case. The Fins are generally made of Soft Foam which helps in letting little breeze come through.


These kind of stroller fans are generally safe because the fans stop if your kids start playing with the fan and keep fingers in it, avoiding any kid of issues. They are typically cheaper than other variants and lighter in weight as well. 


Some common issues with these kinds of fans are,

  • Fins being broken by kids.
  • Little Air flow that might not suite places with high temperatures.
  • Not enough air to soothen your kids.


But, if you’ve got a silent kid or who doesn’t bother with these little gadgets and if you are from a place which need not be worried about High Temperatures, you can definitely try them out.


Fans with Hard Plastic (or Metal) Blades

These fans look like a regular Table Fan with a case around hard plastic fins. These fans generally provide high air flow and can also have different speed levels in general.


Some of these fans operate with single cell and also are compatible to work with Power Bank, USB connectors, etc.,


Some of the common issues with these kinds of fans are,

  • Chances of carrying it out in a small carry bag may be bit tough.
  • Chances of kids poking something into the fan may cause troubles (Most of the top fans, do have a hard mesh doesn’t allow this happen though)


If you are comfortable in carrying a little big gadget, these types of fans are better than just Soft Foamed Fans. Of course, you can find Best Stroller Fans in both the categories still.


Factors to Consider while choosing a Stroller Fan – 


If you are wondering on ‘How to Chose the Best Stroller Fan’, you need to first understand different factors that may affect your decision. 

Factors to Choose a Stroller Fan


Potential Safety Hazards – Make sure that the fan you are going to get do not pose any safety concerns. Generally these fans run either on a battery or USB from your phone or charger and do not pose much risk. But, it is always good to check about direct power usages. 

One other potential safety hard is that, kids playing with the fins of the fans. It is good to check the soft foam material if you are getting that type. If you are choosing the other type, make sure your kids are not going poke into the fan or is not in their reach.


Make & Material of the Fan – Ensure that the fan is always made of safe and quality material. Some of the Best Stroller Fans that have a quality built are laid out below. These types of fans generally have a very safe Case which is made of Hard Plastic. The also do not have air vents which can allow kids fingers to fit in.


Weight of the Fan – One of the key factor for new parents. Being a new mom, you might still be trying to hard to pack all your baby essentials in Diaper Bags and mostly not wish adding any more weights.

First, check out the specs to understand what is the overall weight of these fans (mostly available with out batter). This can help you plan  your things to get into bags pretty easily.


Grip of the Fan – A key factor that you should not be overlooking. Most of these fans are available with Clip On Style. Grip of these clips should be very hard such that, they can with stand the bumps that your stroller could get into.

If the grip is loose, the chances of the fan falling of may be higher.


Speed, Control & Noise Levels – Some of these fans do have different speed levels and some do not. If you are looking at these fans for all seasons, it is worth to check out the one which has multiple speed options. 


Few fans like Skygenius, are available with No Step speed controls, these types of controls your baby’s curiosity and let you change the air flow as needed, very easily.


In addition to the different speed levels, make sure you choose the ones which have very less Noise to avoid disturbances to your sleeping kids.


Operating Mode (USB Vs Battery) – Newer models are available to work with different operating modes. Try to choose the one’s which can work with most of the conditions like, being able to work USB power banks, Working on a single cell if needed, etc, 


Reviews of Some of The Best Stroller Fans 

Check out the individual reviews and specs of some of the best ones that are available currently on Amazon. 


ComLife Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip On Fan


ComLife_Stroller_FanOne of the most sought and Highest reviewed fan on Amazon. ComLife has got most of what you look for when you are making a decision.


It comes with Very Good Clamp that can hold the fan any where very comfortably. It comes with 360 degrees of rotation allowing you to enjoy the breeze from convenient locations.


Though it comes with 2 large rechargeable & replaceable Batteries, it works very well even with a Single Cell. This fan also operates on USB power, so, if your battery drained while you are on the move, you can let the fan run even with your USB power bank.


The Fan itself can also work as a power bank in emergency, which makes it the Best Clip On Fan that can used for your Baby Stroller. But, you can use it for yourself as well while strolling, which is an added bonus.


Quick Specs

Weight: 1.05lb/478g
Input: 5V / 2A ; Output: 5V / 1A
Dimension: 8.3*5.91*3.94 inches
Max wind speed: 10.5ft/s( 3.2m/s)
Battery type: 18650 flat top Li-ion battery
Working time: 6-32hours(Depends on the wind speed)
Charging time: About 4hours with 5V/2A adapter ; About 6hours with 5V/1A adapter


What is Great About This?

Everything 😉

In short, the ability to Swivel 360 degrees both horizontal & Vertical, Charge with anything, ability to Clip On anywhere are some of the great things about this little fan.

Should not be missing the fact that, this is one of the few fans which come with adjustable speed. With all these whistles & bells, this is surely part of the Best Stroller Fans club.


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Dream Baby Clip On Stroller Fan 


Dream Baby Stroller FanOne of the most chosen Foam type bladed(/fins) stroller fans available out there. Dream Baby Fans attach easily to most of the strollers & are good in providing gentle breeze to kids.


This fan has a Flexible Neck which helps in being able to adjust the correct angle to help your kids get the best out of it.


The Sturdy Clip that holds this fan will help you in using it almost anywhere on the stroller with no hassles, even if it is a bumpy road.


Soft Foamed Fins helps in avoiding any safety issues with active kids.


At just around 5ounces weight & with very multiple choices of colors available for you to choose from, this is one of the Light-weighted Stroller Fan out there.


Don’t forget that, this is one of the Best Stroller Fans with Soft Foam based fins and is most bought on Amazon.


Quick Specs

Item Weight – 4.8 Ounces

Battery Type – 2xAA


What is Great About This?

Size, Weight, Flexibility, Safety


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SkyGenius Portable Fan


SkyGenius_Stroller_Mini_FanIf you are looking for a powerful mini fan, SkyGenius is one of the best choice for you. There are many reviews, in fact over 1500+ reviews and at 4.5+ ratings on Amazon. Check them yourself by clicking here to see the reviews, to understand why it is in Best Stroller Fans category.


SkyGenius is one among those fans that can work with a Single Battery. But that doesn’t limit the power of the air flow that comes from this little one.


It is a High Speed Low Noise fan with Step Less Speed control. Depending on the speed level you use, the battery runs for a minimum of 2.5hrs on a full charge. 


This also fits on to most of the strollers with its Clip being very strong, which makes it usable for many other different purposes than, just being a stroller fan.


Quick Specs

Item Weight: 273 gram
Packing Weight: 390 gram
Item Dimension: 19x15x10 centimeter
Packing Dimension: 20×15.5×10.5 centimeter
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery Battery
Capacity: 2200mAh
Battery Time: 2.5~6 Hours(depends on different speed)
Charging Time: About 4.5 hours
Input Voltage: 5V
Output Voltage: 4~6V
Output Current: 0.35~1A
Power Rating: 3W(max speed), 1.5W(lowest speed), 2W(USB powered) 


What is Great About This?

Power of the AirFlow, Working with a Single Cell/Battery, Very good number of reviews.


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Tee-Zed T02 Clip On Fan


Tee Zed T02 Stroller FanKeep your baby cool & comfy with these Tee Zed series Clip On Fans. The T02 Clip On has got around 2k+ reviews at an average of 3.5stars, which lets us call this out as one of the Best Stroller Fans available out there.


The fans contains Soft Foam fins which helps in keeping the overall weight to very less.


They are available in various colors, so you can match them per your stroller’s style


The Flexible neck and sturdy clip lets your kid get needed air flow while getting fixed almost at any place on your stroller.



Quick Specs

Item Weight – 7 Ounces

Battery – 2xAA


What is Great About This?

Size, Flexible Neck, Multiple Colors to choose from.


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Houselog Clip On Fan


HouseLog Stroller FanAt the size of an Iphone X, the Houselog Clip On Fan is one of the Best Clip on Fans for Strollers out there. Most of the customers were happy with this little add on to their strollers primarily due to its Battery Life, Size & for Mosquito-Repellent functionality.


If your kid is not allergic to any Mosquito Repellents or Oil Diffusers, you can use this fan & get those mosquitos away during a ride in the woods.


This stroller comes with a very good clip, which can let you use this almost anywhere on your strollers and in fact, it fits almost all the models as well.


It has got 4 different speed levels, with very less noise, which can actually avoid any distraction for your sleeping little ones.


With most of the best options available, this can be one of the Best Stroller Fans available in the Hard Plastic Fins category.


Quick Specs

Weight: 0.77 lb/0.35kg
Dimension:7*5.5*4inch (18*14*11cm)
Color: Black
Battery Type: Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Battery *(Not AA or AAA battery)*
Battery Working Time: 2-8 Hours (Depends on different speed)
Charging Time: 3-4 hours


What is Great About This?

Mosquito Repellent Aroma Diffuser, Portable Size, Quite Noise.


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Diono Stroller Fan


Diono Stroller FanWith over 200+ reviews Diono Stroller Fan is one other popular choice by many parents. This is similar to other smaller fans in size, but comes with a Fan Cover to protect the little fingers


With a Clip On Style, this fan fits in to most of the strollers or even High Chairs. 


Flexible neck shape helps in getting the Air Flow in different angles to help you kiddoo be cool and comfy


Quick Specs

Item Weight – 10.4 Ounces

Product Dimensions – 5.1 x 5.3 x 12.6 inches

Batteris – 2x AA

What is Great About This?

Size, Portability


[btn text=”Check the Price on Amazon” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#FFA500 thovercolor=#FFF link=”” target=”_self”]


So, that’s pretty much about few of the recommendations from our end. It’s your turn now. What do you think is the most important factor to consider when choosing a Stroller Fan?


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