A New born’s journey starts off with an Infant Car seat and continue in the same for a good amount of time. It is some times more easy and comfortable to carry the infant car seat instead of the complete stroller. For example, If you are visiting a pediatrician office for a regular visit, its just easy to carry the seat as-is rather than taking out your complete stroller, its very space effective as well. Carrying the Infant Car seat may not be comfortable for longer run as the baby keeps growing. That’s when you need a carrier to be able to carry the seat, yet avoid huge space occupancy and weight. These kind of carriers which help you carry your Infant Car Seat alone or a Bassinet alone are very beneficial in many aspects. They are known either as a Stroller Frames or Infant Car Seat + Stroller Combos.

Just like any other stroller types, there are many varieties and models available in the Stroller Frames as well. Further down in this post you will find a quick list of some of the “Best Stroller Frames” that you can consider while you are making a decision. Below is a quick questionnaire you can ask yourself to help make your decision finalize with a better choice.

Reason for a Stroller Frame or Car Seat Carrier – What is your primary reason to Get a Stroller Frame Vs Regular Stroller or a Travel System? Make sure you understand the basic idea of a Stroller Frame and its basic functionality, its limitations and then ask yourself, why a Frame is better for you when compared to a Regular Stroller or Travel System. A Stroller Frame can be good to start off but cannot be used beyond certain point. Whereas Travel Systems can be very sturdy and can be an extra luggage if you wish to be very lite in those early days.

Car Seat Compatibility – Do you already have a Car Seat? Are you flexible to change the car seat? As a general rule of best practice, it is to good to get a Car Seat and then start looking for a compatible Stroller Frame, this will ensure more comfort for the baby. Some Stroller Frames like Baby Trend’s Universal Snap N Go accepts most of the Car Seats while Frames like ‘Chicco Key Fit‘ are limited to ‘Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seats’ only.

Features Rich Or Basic? – Are you looking for a basic frame to just carry your infant car seat or in need of a frame which is rich in it features like, Adjustable Handle Bar, Large Storage, Bottle Holders, Inbuilt Canopies, etc.,

Where do you want to use this frame much? Is your primary usage around rough terrains or smoother surfaces? Frames with Air Filled tires can be helpful if you use this on rough terrains where as Plastic tires are ok if you use this in smoother surfaces.

Be sure to read ‘All About Stroller Frames‘ to know complete information of Stroller Frames.

Quick Snapshot

Chicco KeyFit Caddy

  • Adjustable HandleBar – Yes
  • Parent Tray – Yes
  • Folding – One Hand, No Bend
  • Suspension – All Wheels
  • Weight – 11.5 lbs
  • Seat Config – One Way
  • Seat Compatibility – Only Chicco

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Universal Snap N Go

  • Adjustable Handlebar – No
  • Parent Tray – Yes
  • Folding – One Hand
  • Suspension – Front Wheels
  • Weight – 13.6 lbs
  • Seat Config – One way
  • Seat Compatibility – Universal

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Joovy Twin Roo+

  • Adjustable Handlebar – No
  • Parent Tray – Yes
  • Folding – One Hand
  • Suspension – Font Wheels
  • Weight – 27.8 lbs
  • Seat Config – Multi Position
  • Seat Compatibility – Major Brands (with Adapters)

@ Amazon

Graco SnugRider

  • Adjustable Handlebar – Yes
  • Parent Tray – Yes
  • Folding – One Hand
  • Suspension – All Wheels
  • Weight – 13.6 lbs
  • Seat Config – One Way
  • Seat Compatibility – Only Graco

@ Amazon

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller Frame


Frame01A perfect lightweight stroller frame that you can be dependent on and never worry about the safety of your little ones. Chicco Keyfit Caddy priced at $99 is one of the best selling items in this segment. The Frame is relatively Lightweight when compared with major stroller frames which is one of the most important factor while choosing a Stroller Frame. With a Foam covered Adjustable Handle bar, strolling your baby gonna be a breeze. One of the main things that hurts in this frame is, its compatibility with the Infant Car Seats. This frame is built to work only with Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car seat which means you may not be able to pick this if you already have an Infant Car seat of other model.

Despite of this fact, there are many other things that may get your attention towards this frame. It is Very Easy to Fold this frame. Just take the Infant Car seat out of the frame, pull the lever attached to Parent Tray and with a gentle shake, this frame gets folded. This do not even require you bending forward which is a great thing in those initial days for every mom.

Unlike many other frames, this one has a Parent Console which can help you store your immediate needs handy. Be cautious, as the cup holders and storage space are very small. With a Large Storage space, you are always covered for your immediate needs. A good thing about this is, the storage space is expandable. With All Wheel Suspension, your baby’s comfort is taken care for sure. The Double Wheels can provide more maneuverability, but can cause too much of tripping too.


What’s Good?

  • Click To Connect with Infant Car seat with an Audbile click (No more straps)
  • Height Adjustable Handlebars
  • All Wheel Suspension
  • Expandable Large Storage Space
  • Light Weigh Aluminum Frame
  • One Hand Fold


What to Worry About?

  • Works only with Chicco Key Fit Infant Car Seat
  • No Canopy
  • Plastic Wheels, thus not All Terrain


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Baby Trend Snap N Go Stroller Frame



Baby Trend Snap N Go Infant Car Seat Carrier is one of the cheapest and best options when it comes to the Stroller Frames or Infant Car Seat Carriers. Being at 10.6lbs, this is also one among the Light Weight Frames that are available in market. Though the company claims it to be a Snap N Go, it really is not. The Infant Car Seat needs to be Strapped to the frame to ensure safety of the baby. The Infant Car Seat can just be placed in the frame very easily and then need to be Strapped with the straps provided on either sides of the frame. This will ensure that the seat is not detachale easily any more. One Great thing about this stroller is, this frame is compatible with any major Infant Car Seats. This will help you to be able to pick an Infant Car Seat that suites your taste, that matches your car model, etc.,

Folding of the frame is easier and is just like many other Baby Trend Stroller models. Once you release the lock with your thumb, you can just push gently with a press on the Red Knob attached to the Handlebar to fold the stroller. Keep in mind that this frame occupies more space even though it is light weighted. But you can really close the frame with just One Hand (of course after taking car seat out of the frame). Unlike other stroller frames, this one gives you an ability to place the car seat in 2 ways. You can place the seat facing towards you, or away from you.

In spite of having a Large Storage space, this frame falls off from the top list since the storage basket can be more accessed only when the car seat is out of the frame. When the seat is in the frame, you may find it hard to reach out into the basket and cannot place bigger items into it. The Handlebar does have a good storage options with 2 Cup Holders and a small storage space to keep you keys or mobiles, etc., Non adjustable Handle bar disappoints a little, but if you consider the price range, this can be ignored. The Foamed Handlebar can still provide more comfort during the ride.

The wheels of the frame do not have any suspension which may not be a bigger concern if you are going to use this for shorter rides on smoother surfaces, but if you are picking this one for a neighborhood walk, you may need to think off.


What’s Good?

  • Got Parent Tray with 2 Cup Holders and storage box
  • One Hand Quick Fold
  • Compatible with major Infant Car Seats and not restricted to one brand
  • Easy to snap (if not strapped) the infant car seat
  • Leg brakes


What to worry about?

  • Storage space can not be accessed with out taking the Car Seat out.
  • Though, it is lightweight, it is lengthier when folded.
  • Non Adjustable Handle
  • No Suspension


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Joovy Twin Roo+ Stroller Frame


JoovyTwinRooPlus_FrameWhen the joy is double, you may be looking for a carrier which can carry 2 Infant Car Seats at the same time. Joovy Twin Roo+ Infant Car Seat Carrier is one of the best with its different style of seating positions. Unlike ‘Baby Trend Snap N Go Universal Double Stroller Frame, this frame holds the seats almost at the same height. Snap N Go holds the seats in stadium seating position and is little inconvenient when it comes to reaching out both the babies comfortably. Joovy made the seating directions facing towards side ways instead of forward or backward. This will help you reach out the babies with out disturbing the other. Since both the seats are located at the same height, you will have better visibility of the both babies with no distractions.

The frame is compatible with many other major car seats which means, there is not a need to compromise on your style. You can refer to the Joovy website to know the compatible models and requirement of adapters. You NEED the adapters, so be sure to BUY them, they are not costlier though. The frame as such might not be light weighted and even little more than Baby Trend’s Snap N Go. But this not a big deal to worry due to its ability to get closed/folded with One Hand easily and the frame is lockable up on folding. Of course it do not have the self standing ability.

This frame gives you a very large Storage space which can be accessed from any side with no concerns. With the twins, you would definitely need double the space and your covered for this. A great thing worth of mentioning in this frame is its Parent Tray. It has got a Double Sized Parent Tray which has got 4 cup holders. This can very helpful to be covered for your kids at any time. Though the position of this tray is safer in a way, it may not be comfortable for you to reach out it every time you need it.

The Dual Front wheels come with suspension and can take care of those little un noticed bumps for your little ones. Being plastic made, they may get worn out faster, but considering the usage of these frames, it may not be an huge concern to worry about.


What’s Good?

  • Multi Seat configuration
  • Compatibility with major car seat manufacturers (with adapters that are sold separate)
  • One Hand Fold
  • Front Wheel Suspension
  • Leg Breaks


What to Worry About?

  • Not Height Adjustable
  • No All Wheel Suspension
  • Plastic Wheels
  • Relatively large even when folded, small cars might not be able to take it in.


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Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame


Frame04Graco has been one of the choices for many parents at least to review before finalizing to any stroller. This is no less even in this segment. Graco Snugrider Elite Stroller Frame Or Carrier Seat can be a best choice for parents who have got a Click Connect model Infant Car Seat from Graco. Yes, this frame is compatible only with Graco Infant Car seats and not with other models. While this is little disappointing, graco click connect car seats are one among the most preferred and light weighted. The Car seat can be clicked in to the frame very easily and can be take out as well very easily. Keep in mind, that this car seat can be connected only in 1 direction facing you and not other way like ‘Baby Trend Snap N Go Carseat Carrier

With a weight of 13.3lbs, this carrier is certainly one among the light weight categories and is a boon for new moms. This frame can also be closed/folded without bending just like Chicco KeyFit Caddy. This is helpful for moms very much in the early days. A Height Adjustable handlebar makes it more accessible for both the parents. The foam covered Handlebar helps you in having a comfortable strolling for an evening walk or for a shopping mall visit.

Unlike other Graco Strollers, this carrier uses only 2 front wheels (instead of 4 wheels) which lets the frame to less wobble and provide better maneuverability. With All Wheel suspension, your baby is enough safe in this carrier and can definitely enjoy the ride. This frame has a One Hand Fold mechanism which requires you to just release the lock and press the knob (right behind the parent storage unit) and with a gentle push the frame gets folded. A great thing here is that you need not bend down to finish the folding & this frame self stands upon folding. These little things help new moms very well, especially in those early days.


Whats Good?

  • One Hand Fold
  • Accepts All Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seats
  • Parent Tray with cup holders
  • Height Adjustable Handlebar
  • All Wheel suspension


What to worry about?

  • Plastic Wheels
  • Only limited to Graco Click Connect Seats
  • No Inbuilt Canopy


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