Britax B-Free Stroller – Review

Britax B-Free Stroller – Review

The newest member to the Britax line of strollers is the B-Free. The B-Free is a three-wheeled stroller that can be used as part of a travel system. It comes complete with standard features seen on most strollers, such as the one-hand fold mechanism. It does have additional features not seen on most strollers, such as an adjustable handlebar and extra basket storage.

However, it lacks some features that I look for, such as standard cup holders for the parent. And because it is new, it currently comes in at a high price point. While it is a quality stroller, I would suggest checking out the features it has to make sure it has everything you are looking for.

Britax B-Free Stroller

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Key Features


Minimum child weight: you can use the stroller from birth – but Britax recommends using as a travel system (with a car seat for children) until your child has head and neck control

Maximum child weight: 65 pounds

Maximum child height: 45 inches

Dimensions folded: 32′′L x 24′W x 15′′H

Product weight: 22 pounds

(Side note: Do you see that huge upper weight limit! This seat is great for older kids. See more choices for strollers for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds here.)

 Britax B-Free
Product TypeStandard Stroller
Stroller Weight Limit Up to 65 lbs
Wheel Configuration3-Wheel Stroller
Item Weight22 lbs
One-hand quick foldYES
All-wheel suspensionYES
TiresAll-Terrain Rubber Tires
Travel System CompatibilityBritax and BOB infant car seats
Infinite ReclineYES
Storage Pockets7 storage pockets
Storage BasketLarge with front access
UV 50+ canopyYES
Peek-a-boo WindowYES
Check Out

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Travel system compatibility

The B-Free works with all Britax infant seats. If you don’t have or don’t plan on having a Britax infant seat, you can purchase a car seat adapter for the B-Free. The car seat adapter allows for a wider range of car seats to be compatible with the B-Free.

This isn’t the only Britax stroller that makes a great travel system. Take a look at our Best Baby Travel System article to find more travel system reviews.

Huge canopy

Britax B-Free huge canopy

The Britax B-Free has an amazingly huge canopy. With its size and added SPF protection, it is sure to provide full coverage from the sun, or rain, when needed.

The canopy features a zipper which, when unzipped, expands the canopy even more than shown above, providing the fullest protection.


One of the most compelling features on the new B-Free is the amount of storage space it offers. It has seven storage pockets, so you can organize all of your necessities. It also features a very big storage basket that you can access from the back or the front of the stroller.

The front access is something you won’t get on all strollers, and it is a neat feature. I don’t know how often I’ve got don’t jam-pack the storage basket on my stroller with so much stuff, only to realize that what I needed was at the front of the basket, smushed underneath everything else. I’ve been at the zoo, or the park, and had to unload almost everything in the basket to get to the bottom of it.

The fact that this stroller has that front access eliminates this problem. The front portion of the basket is accessible by flipping up the seat’s calf rest. This keeps the stroller more compact while still offering that front access. So you really can stuff the stroller full of everything you need and not worry about being unable to access it!

Infinite recline

A good stroller allows for an array of recline options to make sure your little one is comfortable no matter how they’re feeling. The B-Free has what they call “infinite recline.” This means there aren’t 3 or 4 set recline positions. Rather, you can recline the seat anywhere from a seated position to laying almost flat. This is accomplished using a drawstring type of mechanism. Loosening or tightening the drawstring will bring the back of the seat to a different level, depending on what your child prefers.

Not only is this great because of the unlimited options, but it also works a lot more smoothly than a recline adjustment where you have to squeeze the bars and click them into a slot. I have firsthand experience with this, as, after a little while, the recline adjuster on my Graco stroller became harder to adjust. I would almost have to shake the back of the seat to get it to adjust. When you have a sleeping child in that seat, this is not something you want to have to do. The drawstring mechanism featured on the B-Free is much smoother and gives you a better chance of not disturbing your little one.

Adjustable handlebar

You can get a stroller with all the specs – lots of storage, good maneuverability, and one-hand fold. But if it isn’t comfortable to push, you’re not going to love it.

I feel pretty lucky when it comes to adjustability. I’m just about 5 feet 6 inches, so I’m average height. I typically don’t have issues when it comes to products that aren’t adjustable.

However, when I purchased my umbrella stroller, I went back and forth on whether or not to get one with adjustable push handles. I decided not to because I didn’t think it would be so bad, but I was wrong.

I love the concept of an umbrella stroller, but I do not use mine because the push handles are so low that it hurts to push it. And I’m not even that tall! I can’t imagine being a couple of inches taller and being able to push that thing. I was so disappointed spending $30 on the umbrella stroller only to not be able to use it. I can’t imagine hundreds of dollars being spent on one can’t full-sized stroller and having the handlebar too low or too high to push.

Long story short, the adjustable handlebar has parents in mind. I can tell you from experience that you are are not going to want to push a stroller at an uncomfortable height. So if you are above average height, or this has been an issue for you in the past, the B-Free may be the answer to your problem.

Weight limit

The child weight limit for the B-Free is 65 pounds. This is an upgrade over the most recent Britax stroller, the Britax B-Agile 3, which has a weight limit of 55 pounds. Most strollers on the market have a weight limit of 55 pounds or lower. The B-Free gives you the freedom to use the stroller for a longer period.



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At the price point that the B-Free comes in at, I was expecting it to be more like the Britax B-Ready line of strollers. The B-Ready strollers allow for many different seating options. You can have your child sitting facing forward or backwards; you can add seat if you have two children, and so on. B-Free only has two options. You can use it with a child’s seat, where the infant is rear-facing, or you can use it without the added infant seat, with the child sitting forward-facing.

Stroller weight

I do prefer a stroller that weighs under 20 pounds, and the Britax B-Free comes in at 22 pounds. If you’re familiar with the Britax B-Agile 3, it is 18 pounds, so the B-Free does come in as significantly heavier. This is a disappointment to me because I feel like many strollers are aiming to be as lightweight as possible, and Britax added weight here instead of keeping it super light.

Cup holders

The Britax B-Free doesn’t have standard cup holders for child or parent. It does have cup holder pockets within the child seat, but they’re a bit awkward and may be uncomfortable for your child as they get bigger. I like having the child tray and the cup holders in the back for the parent, as this gives a sturdy place to store things. It’s odd to me that Britax doesn’t include those features on this new stroller.


I do think the B-Free is overpriced given the features it offers. It does have some higher-end features such as the adjustable handlebar, but it lacks some basic features such as a child tray and cup holders.

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9 Total Score
Britax B-Free Stroller

Britax is known to put out quality products, and the B-Free stroller is no different. While I do believe this is a quality stroller and offers some great features, such as the adjustable handlebar and easy-to-access storage, I was hoping to see more features, such as multiple seating options.

  • Big canopy
  • Front access to basket storage
  • Infinite recline
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Higher weight limit
  • Not Versatile
  • No cup holders
  • Weight – while it's not a very heavy stroller, I would expect it to be lighter than it is since it is a more expensive option.
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My Recommendation

It comes down what features you are looking for. Do you need that adjustable handlebar? It may be the right stroller for you guys. Are you looking for a variety of ways to use the stroller? You should check out your other options. If you are new to strollers and would like to know, check out our detailed guide on how to choose a baby stroller. Because of the price, I was expecting more features. However, this is a quality stroller and will last you longer than many other strollers on the market because of that extra 10 pounds of weight that it will hold.

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