Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller Review


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Detailed Review

Contours Option Elite Double Stroller‘ has been my Best Tandem stroller since i came across and reviewed this after ‘Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller‘ (read review here). Just like the later, this stroller also grows along with your baby. By far there are many things that kept this stroller aside from other major Double Strollers available in the market. If you are looking for upgrading to a double stroller with your new baby, Elite Double can be your best choice with out any doubt. It comes with an Infant Carrier Seat Adapter which can fit many Infant car seat models.


Option Elite has won the ‘2016 Cribsie Award‘ for the ‘Best Double Stroller‘ category and that just proves how good this stroller is. It is available in many vibrant colors to suite your taste. The fabric of the strollers is just awesome and makes the stroller look great and bright in any of the colors it is available. If you have twins or 2 kids with different ages you can easily convert it either to make it just an Infant Car Seat carrier or have both Infant Car Seat carriers or just be able to use with both the kids. Unlike the ‘Britax B-Agile Double Stroller‘ this stroller this stroller does fit 2 Infant Car seats at the same time. Since this model accepts many infant car seats, you can easily choose 2 different variants to meet your taste.


This stroller comes with an excellent storage space beneath the seats and unlike any other strollers, the storage space can be accessed from side ways with the help of a zipper. To the extent we have seen so far, we have not found this option in any other stroller. You can now reach out to any corner of the stroller very easily and comfortably. Added to this, if you are using this stroller for just 1 kid (if you have bought it before your second one comes or if your elder one ready to walk instead of stroll 🙂 ) you can double up the storage space and use this stroller for your shopping hands free.


You can make 7 different seating arrangements to make the ride more enjoyable and less boring. You can let you babies Face Each Other, Face Away each other, Both Face Forward, Both Face Backward, Both Infant Car Seats facing back wards (cannot face Infant car seats forwards for safety reasons though), One Infant Car seat and one baby seat facing forward & lastly if you wanna use this in a mall, you can just snap out one of the car seat (back seat) to use this for more storage space.


Seating Arrangement Options



One other favorite part of this stroller is the Zippered Canopy for each seat. Though they are relatively larger, they also come with an Zipper to extend them further more. An interesting fact with this zipper is, it opens up to expose the UV protected mesh which helps reduce the impact of Sun shade on the kids while allowing them to get the fresh air. A Peek-A-Boo window attached to each of the seats allows you to have a constant watch on your kids. I felt this is not needed since the Mesh is almost see through, but having more is always great.


Each of the seat is provided with a 5-Point Harness system which takes care of the safety of the baby while on board. Now, for the little kids there is also a head pad which provides good head support. We get a Napper Bar with each of the seats which acts as a safety barrier for your kids and easily removable when not needed. One other great feature that you may not find in any other stroller is ‘In Seat Child Mesh Pocket‘, if you have little toys for your kids or small things that can be handy can easily be put into these pockets.


Not sure if there is any reason why the seating position is limited to only 3 angles when it comes to reclining. Though the seats can recline almost flat, i still prefer to have a infinite reclining option to have a better control over the angle. Well this is not something that could take over other advantages especially since they can recline almost flat to allow the baby have a quick nap. One other thing that you may need to consider is that, both the seats cannot be reclined completely flat at the same time.


Options Elite is little different from its predecessor ‘Contours Options Double Stroller’ in couple of features. One of the features that helps Elite to be premium are the Rubber Coated EVA tires with thread. This option with a combination of Never Flat EVA tires with Thread, provide a greater control during the ride in any terrains. With the new rubber coated rear wheels this stroller gives a comfortable ride to the kids on board and reduce any impacts of the bumps. Since these are not air filled, there is less maintenance which is one other great thing.


With a combined or linked Break system, this stroller can be easily controlled and parked when needed with just a single foot tap. Closing of the stroller is an easy thing that you never need to worry about. With just a pull of the latch near the handle bar and a gentle leg push (optional though) the stroller folds into a self standing position. All this can be done with no seat removal (not with an Infant car seat though).


In spite of many options, there are certain things that are missing in this stroller like, the Handle is Not height Adjustable, Wheels are not lockable. Accessories like Parent Tray (it has only a Cup Holder), Child Snack Tray may be some options that you might need to consider for sure.


Size Chart

Features At A Glance …

  • Harness – 5-Point Harness System
  • Brakes – Foot Activated
  • Wheels – Front Wheel Swivel
  • Back Tires – Rubber Coated Wheels 
  • Front Tires – No Flat
  • Seats – Both Ways – 7 Styles
  • Folding – Quick Fold 
  • Snack Tray – No Child Tray
  • Foot Rest – Adjustable Foot rests for each seat  
  • Car Seat Configuration & Compatibility – Click-In. Compatible with many other manufactures
  • Parent Tray – No (Only Cup Holder) 
  • Suspension – All Wheels
  • Reclining – 3 position
  • Handle Bar – Non Height Adjustable
  • Storage Space – Large Basket – Accessible from Front, Back & Side
  • Canopy – Extra large with Zipper to extend further 

Be sure to visit our detailed guide ‘All About Double Strollers’ to know the detailed information of each of the features mentioned above.



Product Information:

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Pros & Cons …


  • Extendable Large Canopies with Sunshade mesh
  • Zippered Large Storage space
  • Easy Folding
  • Rubber Coated Rear wheels can provide smoother ride.
  • Light weighted
  • We can use this with many infant car seat models
  • 5 Point Harness with extra padded straps.
  • Multiple seat configurations.
  • Can carry 2 Infant Car Seats at the same time.


  • No Child Snack Tray.
  • No Parent Tray (only a cup holder)
  • Front wheels are not lockable.
  • Handle bar is not height adjustable.

Gallery / Feel the Features …

Check out below video, to see what Contours Option Elite has got for you.

Overheard Reviews:

Below are some reviews available by customers on various portals regarding this product.

Works perfect. Our baby loves it. Easy to use. Easy to move the car seat.

Very easy to assemble and move around. Cart seat easy to get in and out of the stroller and bases. We are very please with the color and glad that it is gender neutral so we can use it with future children! The stroller, so comfy and easy to carry in and out of the car


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