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Detailed Review

No wonder GB Pockit Stroller has won the 2014 Guinness World Record Stroller for being the most Compact Baby Stroller. With a size of 11.8″ * 7″ * 13.8″, this is by far the tiniest stroller available in the market when compared to other leading Travel System Strollers. In spite of this, GB has never compromised on the quality this product. Continue reading to know what are all the merits and demerits of Pockit and can help you take a decision if you plan to purchase.

If you are a frequent traveller, this is going to be your best pal from now on. There is no more any need to check in your stroller at airport and keep waiting for it after you got off from the plane. You can carry this stroller in a typically large Hand/Diaper bag and can easily stow it in the over head compartment of the flight or can tuck it under your seat. Yes, it is that small when folded. Be aware that, it has got 2 folding mechanisms. One makes it smaller, and the other makes it ultra compact. Not just in planes, even when you are traveling in bus or train, there is no more need to look for extra space for your stroller, unless your baby is sleeping. And if you have a small car, no worries, you can place this just in behind your car seat and not even need to open your car trunk. You will realize this, the moment you see the size of this package.

This stroller comes all assembled and ready for use, unlike other strollers which require some assembling of individual parts. You open the package, unfold and that’s it, the stroller is ready for your little one. Unfolding & folding of this stroller is actually Very Easy and pretty fast. It just gets ready for your baby in a snap. But, one thing to call out, it is not an Automated Fold, or Quick Fold or a Single Hand Fold. You need to use your both hands at the same to fold or unfold this stroller. Of course, at a weight of 9.5lbs, it not going to be hard to unfold fast enough. Since this is best used for toddlers, this may not be a concern, but is an option available in other strollers, so be watchful if you are looking for such thing.

Other great thing about this one is, being light weight & small did not really impact the comfort of your kids. This can hold kids until 55 lbs with out any issue or compromise. Seat is completely made of breathable fabric which lets your baby feel more soothing when on board. and it is easy to take this fabric off of the stroller for easy wash and care. Did i call out that, there is no Recline option in this stroller? Yes, this stroller do not have any recline options, which makes this a stroller to be used for kids greater than 6 months. And you can also not use any Infant Car Seat with this. GB should have thought of any other option, since the competitors in this segment like, Summer Infant 3D, Baby Jogger Vue has got this option. But of course they seriously fail when it comes to the size, weight and maintenance of this one.

Folding GB Pockig

Click Image to watch the folding


Ultra Compact Folding

Click Image to see Ultra Compact Folding


Unfolding GB Pockit

Click on Image to see How easy it is to Unfold


Smoother ride & stability of the strollers are generally affected by wheels. With a 4.5″ size, these wheels provide a smoother and stable ride for your kid. They are swivel lockable which helps you during longer walks and can be unlocked to swivel on rough terrains. But considering that these are smooth surfaced wheels, they will work well for city rides and not on un even roads. So, be watchful about this. Brakes, also play a decent role in helping you choose the stroller. GB pockit has got a One Touch Leg brake system which allows you to halt your stroller with just a click on one of the sides. This one sided brake system will apply brake on both the wheels evenly without causing any imbalance though.

Canopy & Handlebar

Canopy is one of the factors that disappointed on the whole. There is a canopy (like) flap on the top of this stroller, which covers direct sun light ONLY to some extent. This just acts as a guard for direct impacts, but in my opinion it is definitely not a Canopy. However, considering the nature of usage & the benefits a frequent traveller can get, it may be ok to compromise on this factor.

Handlebar is little unique and not like other regular strollers. Both sides of the frame actually are interconnected & is not like other umbrella strollers. These handles have a little buttons which are used while folding and unfolding the stroller. Height of this handlebar is adjustable only in 2 variants. Not huge customizable though. Being compact stroller did not stop GB from being able to provide a Decent sized Storage Space. Since this is mostly recommended to be used as a Lightweight Travel Stroller, you may be in need of space to store immediate needs. The space actually can handle a diaper bag very easily. Nothing much less than an average Umbrella Stroller. A few users also confirmed that adding an external hanging storage bag did not tip the stroller off even when the kid is not in the stroller.

Lastly, wish there is a carry strap for such a small stroller. While canopy makes the fold look so nice, having a Carry Strap would have avoided the need for another carry bag.


GB Pockit Stroller Features At A Glance …

  • Harness – 5-Point Harness System
  • Brakes – One Touch – Foot Activated
  • Wheels – Front Wheel Swivel (Lockable)
  • Back Tires – Smooth Plastic
  • Front Tires – Smooth plastic
  • Seats – No reclining
  • Snack Tray – No Child Tray
  • Canopy – Not large. Just meets the need


  • Car Seat Compatibility – No Possibility
  • Configurable – No extra configurations
  • Parent Tray – No
  • Suspension – No Suspension
  • Reclining – No reclining
  • Handle Bar – Height Adjustable
  • Storage Space – Decent sized Basket
  • Folding – Compact Fold

Be sure to visit our detailed guide ‘All About Umbrella Strollers’ to know the detailed information of each of the features mentioned above.

Product Information

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Pros & Cons


  • Most compact size
  • Very light weight.
  • 2 types of folding, which helps in easy maintenance based on the space availability.
  • Can be carried even in a large back pack
  • One touch leg brakes


  • No Seat reclining.
  • Small Canopy.
  • Very small storage space.

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Overheard Reviews

Below are some reviews of GB Pockit Stroller by customers on various portals regarding this product.

Love that it’s so lightweight. I can easily carry this on train and traveling.
Aside from the fact that it’s the lightest and smallest, I love the fact that you can wash most of the fabric (all the fabric that touches baby’s skin). It’s easy to assemble and easy to fold. My best purchase since I gave birth.

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Where to Buy

You can get GB Pockit Stroller from Amazon with in just 2 days if you’ve got Prime Membership.


Price History

  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at
  • At you can purchase Pockit Lightweight Stroller for only $179.95
  • The lowest price of Pockit Lightweight Stroller was obtained on May 29, 2023 8:12 am.

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