Top 7 Stroller Boards Mothers Buying in 2019

The mother of two kids is really a tiring job, especially when you are outdoor. You have to buy stuff, and you have two (or more) super cute, super amazing kiddos but troublemaker also. And you have to take them to shop or just for a refreshing walk, but you have one stroller for your younger baby, and your slightly older child can’t walk for a long distance. That is a big dilemma many mothers face. Stroller boards are made to help you out is this situation. I’ve listed Top 7 stroller boards most of the mothers are buying this year.


What is a Stroller Board?

Is it a Board with wheels simple right? But there is much more to it. You can attach this to your stroller, and your child can stand or sit on this. Some stroller boards have handles like kid’s scooter some look like a skateboard.

You can manage the stroller and the board at the same time without any trouble. This will save you from buying another stroller and managing two strollers at the same time. Now you can see how helpful and fantastic stroller boards are.

Oh, on a quick note, these are also other called Glider Boards for Strollers in some places.


Types of Stroller Boards

There are many types of stroller Boards but most trendy stroller boards are basically of these types: 

  • Universal Stroller Board
  • Toddler Stroller Board 
  • Ride-On Stroller Board 


Things to consider while buying Stroller Boards:

  • Attachment Type: Is stroller board can be attached to any stroller or It is only made for Some branded strollers.
  • Weight limit: How much weight the stroller board can take? Each board has a different capacity so buy accordingly.
  • Seats: some stroller boards have a sitting feature If you use the stroller for a long walk or a long time.
  • Legs and foot space: Check if the stroller board has enough space for foot space and the knee is not bumping in the back of the stroller.
  • Types of wheel: Check the suspension of the wheel if you are going to use it while jogging or on an uneven surface.
  • Ensuring Safety: Make sure the board must be of high quality with durable wheels. Unstable wheels can break and cause accidents.
  • Foldable: There are some boards that can easily be folded with strollers but some boards need to be detached before folding the stroller.
  • Installation: An easy to install stroller board can save so much of your time rather than a complicated process for installing the board.


List of Top 7 Stroller Boards

While there are quite a few variants of glider boards, here are the top 7 curated list of boards that you can consider taking a first look at.

Lascal BuggyBoard

Are you looking for a stroller board that can be adjusted to any Buggy, then Lascal Buggy Board is the best one you can have. The compatibility with 99% strollers makes it the first choice for the mothers. It has an amazing design that gives this a unique Quality. 

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  • Easily fit with 99% strollers
  • Very easy to install.
  • High ground clearance makes pushing easy.
  • Full platform for comfortable standing.
  • The universal connector for easy to fit and remove option.
  • Need to remove each time for folding.


Baby Jogger Glider Board

If you are a jogging lover and have City Mini, City Mini GT doubles, City Select or other City models, then this will be a perfect match for you. It has excellent suspension and many amazing features that will surely attract your attention.

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  • It is lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Great for transport
  • Folds easily along with the stroller.
  • Adjustable the angle for up and down
  • The distance from the frame
  • For better grip, anti-skid surface provided
  • Mostly compatible with just City stroller series.
  • Might be difficult to adjust


Bugaboo Wheeled Board

It is a tremendous ride-on board for toddlers who often prefer sitting, or when the walk is quite long, so the child can’t keep standing for a long time. This is an ideal stroller board for a long walk in amusement parks or when you are doing shopping in the mall. You wouldn’t want your kid to become grumpy because of the long-time trail.

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  • Both standing and sitting features will make your baby happy.
  • Removable seat.
  • Offers flexibility as board positions can be changed.
  • Easy to carry and lightweight.
  • Need to buy the adapter separately for other brands to attach


Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board

Want to buy something convenient as well as fun for your child? This stroller is specially made to suit your needs as it is a stroller board as well as kid scooter. Your child can use it as the independent scooter with just a flip of the wheel, complete with rear brakes and light-up wheels.

Mountain Buggy Freerider Stroller Board has a removable handle that can give added support to you when strolling. Another fantastic feature of this product is the compatibility with multiple stroller brands such as Mountain Buggy, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo and many others.

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  • The stroller board works both as a scooter and a stroller board.
  • Adjustable handle for the various height of children.
  • Rear brakes 
  • Light-up wheels.
  • Have three types of connector, Need to confirm before buying.
  • There are complaints about the unbalanced wheels.


Uppababy Vista Piggyback Ride-Along Board

Do you have any UPPA Vista model made after 2015 and now you need a ride-along board for your kid who likes to keep standing, then this can be your stroller and kid partner. This board has a large surface area for comfortable standing, and it is safe enough not to slip.

Sleekly designed out of wood material, so it’s eco-friendly. The wheels are durable and robust enough to handle bumps and curvy paths. The excellent news for outgoing parents is it also lifts away when not in use, and folds with the stroller, to make your life as simple as possible.

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  • Made of wood and plastic, giving it a stylish look.
  • A quick snap feature for easy attaches and detach.
  • Easy fold.
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight.
  • Wheels adapted for bumpy roads.
  • Hard to push the stroller on surfaces
  • Some users have issues with kicking board.


The Bumbleride Stroller Board

A stroller board that takes smaller space than the Bumbleride Stroller Board is the one you are looking for. It is made of wood and plastic wheels, so it is eco-friendly. This Stroller board is compatible with the Bumbleride Indie and the Indie Twin strollers.

It is a skateboard-style rider and clamps on quickly to the rear axle of the stroller. This board offers a broad, sturdy for a comfortable ride and has a slip-resistant platform for your child’s safety. It’s easy to remove and stash away when you are not using it, but you can’t fold your stroller with it attached.

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  • An easy-to-install 
  • Clamp-based attachment 
  • The surface has an anti-skid design 
  • Made of wood and plastic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not compatible with all brands
  • The board does not fold with stroller


Britax Stroller Board

This stroller board conveniently fits all B-Agile strollers as well as BOB single jogging strollers. It has a unique quick release system; the board can be attached and removed in a blink. You can easily use this board while you are walking in an amusement park or shopping malls.

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  • Storage strap to put the board out.
  • Three wheels for increased stability, especially when you’re turning the stroller.
  • Needs no extra tools for installing.
  • The quick-release feature. 
  • Independent suspension that soaks bumps better for the smooth ride for the kid.
  • The board can be folded easily
  • It only fits strollers made by Britax and a few other brands.
  • Some find the issue of leg space for parents. (depend on height)
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