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Best Double Strollers - Baby Strollers Info

Best Double Strollers

Got to know that you are going to have twins? Looking for a stroller which can serve your needs for your twins or 2 kids of different ages? Trying to know what is best for you? With many options, customizations and features available in the market, it is hard to keep up with all of them. Below is a quick list of Best Double strollers that we reviewed and can be of help to you as well. These are Top & Best among the lot that was reviewed so far in terms of number of factors.

While choosing a Double Stroller, there are many things to consider before finalizing. Be sure to read All About Double Strollers‘ to know more information about different features to look in a Top Double Stroller. Below is a list of collection of the strollers that are all time classics and can serve the needs for many parents. 


Things To Consider

Even before we get to the list, do check out below questions that can help you make the right decision. Though, we like a certain model, it might not be a correct fit for our living conditions. So, be sure to go over these at a minimum … 

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  • Using a Small Car, lesser storage space, etc., – Living in a studio apartment might lean you towards opting a Compact folding stroller. Double Strollers are generally spacing consumers. So, a Tandem style might fit your need.
  • Are you planning to use this stroller for 2 kids at same time Or getting prepared for the second one? If you are choosing for kids of same age, you might have more options to choose between a side-by-side or linear style. However, if you are choosing for kids with different age groups, you may choose a Tandem Double Stroller like Contours Options Elite or Baby Jogger City Select if your second kid is yet to get into this world. These allow you to start with 1 and expand when ready.
  • Whats your living style? – Living in a country side may mandate the need for Rubber wheels and if you are frequent shopper/traveller you may be ok to choose a plastic tire. While this is not specific to doubles, it is still something good to consider.
  • Looking for more options or better price? – Got a Budget limit? Strollers like Graco DuoGlider or Baby Trend Expedition are available at relatively lesser price. Also, be aware that, more price doesn’t guarantee more options, you may get same features, but the quality might be premium. So, choose what you need accordingly.
  • What is the age difference between the kids? – If the age difference between your kids is greater than 0. I mean, if you are looking for Non-Twins, just DO NOT go with Side-By-Side stroller. Instead a Tandem might work well and even a Sit & Stand Stroller is going to be more better.
  • Any plan for more than 2 kids? – Strollers like Baby Trend City Select can let you expand to a 3rd kid with the help of a Glider attachment (only helps elder kid to stand, but not sit)
  • How Old is the elder kid? – Getting a double stroller might not be valid in all the cases, if your older kid is getting ready to move out of strollers soon, it is wise to consider a different plan than getting a Double Stroller outright.


Key Features to Choose

Below are some of the key features to consider when you are choosing your double stroller. For more details of each feature and to know why it is important along with significance of each feature, you can visit our article ‘All About Double Strollers‘. 

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  • 3 or 5 Point Harness
  • Parent Tray Availability
  • Child Tray Availability
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • All Wheel Or Front Wheel Suspension
  • Overall Stroller Weight
  • Usability (Max weight of the kid)


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  • Storage Space
  • Accessories
  • Brake System
  • Ability to Fold Easily
  • Folding Stand
  • Maneuverability


Best Double Strollers