What to carry in Baby Stroller?

Baby Strollers have been becoming integral part of one’s life after the arrival of new born to home. These strollers are the world & are the best vehicles for your baby until they walk by themselves. With many options available and with wide storage spaces, strollers can help parents carry almost everything their baby needs during their ride out. If you consider Storage Space as one of the key factor while Choosing a Baby Stroller, it is also important to know how to use this space.


While it is not a big thing to worry about, it is good to be prepared for any situation as much as possible. What to carry in a Baby Stroller might seem silly, but if you can be pack all the needed things, you would be able to enjoy your ride peacefully and be ready for any situation.


Since most of the stroller rides could be shorter like, in a Shopping Mall or an Evening Walk or a Jog it might not be a big deal even if you don’t have certain items with you. We have considered below list of most common items that you may need (not every time though) even during a short ride or even for a long trips like a day visit to your favorite travel destinations.


Consider these …

It is easy to pack a set of things (listed further down below), but you need to understand how they will be helpful for your and how/why they are applicable as well. Make sure you understand and have answers for below questions. These answers would give you a better sense of what to carry and why to carry certain items in your stroller. Even if we miss any, you may be able to create your own list based on these questions.


  • What is your baby’s favorite food?
  • What is your baby’s favorite toy?
  • Does he/she get along well with new people?
  • Is he/she sensitive for any weather changes?
  • How frequent your baby poops/pees?
  • How long will you be in the car Vs outside?
  • What is your baby’s nap time?
  • When is your baby most active?
  • What is the frequency or interval between your feeding?
  • Are you going to a mall or a movie theatre or for an evening walk or some other purpose?
  • How much time is your total trip?
  • Are there any weather changes that you are aware off (but cannot avoid going out)?
  • What is your travel plan? Just your car, or others car or flying?


Think about all the aspects just like how you plan for your journey. Now make a list of answers based on above questions. Once you get the list make sure you assess your stroller storage capacity and ability to take the list of items with you. If you come up with a list beyond the storage space, re-run through the list and find out the most important and un avoidable items. While we use ‘Baby Trend EZ Ride Travel System’ which has good amount storage space, we also use a ‘Diaper Bag’ to carry certain items and leave a few in the stroller. Read ‘What to Pack in a Diaper Bag’ to know more about what can go into the Diaper Bag.


Must Haves …

  • Back up Diapers – One of the most important items. Have a set of diapers handy in your Diaper Bag and pile more as a back in your car.



  • Diaper Changing Pad – It is always safe to use & carry a portable changing pad. Pads like ‘Lumiere Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad’ are available in easily carry-able size & models.


  • Tissues & Hand Sanitizer – Have a set of Hand Tissues & Facial tissues always handy. In my opinion, it is always better to use hand napkins/tissues instead of a cloth. Having a hand sanitizer will help you handle with germs.


  • Snacks – Know the favorite snack items for your baby and have a travel set ready always with you. This will help soothe your baby if he/she feels hungry any time during the journey.


  • Fresh Juice – If your baby already started having fruit juices, have a small pack of home made juice ready.


  • Water Bottle – Always try to take a water bottle completely filled up at home. This will help in avoiding having your baby exposed to un necessary risks. If your journey is beyond a time where your bottle might not be enough, use branded bottled water and try to warm & cool it down before you give them to your baby whenever possible.


  • Extra Milk packs & proper storage – If your baby is on formula or if you collect your breast milk and store the same. Make sure you carry them with in appropriate time and in well sealed packaging.


  • Nursing Gown – Make sure you have your nursing gown with you if you are stilling breast feeding your baby. If you don’t have a nursing gown, you can alternatively use a blanket or a towel.


  • Stroller Toys – If your baby is going to be in the stroller for most of the time, ensure that you carry some toys that can keep him/her busy during the ride.


  • Backup Outfits – Have a set of outfits always available. This will help you change the baby dress if you get food spilled on during feeding.


  • Blankets – Always have a set of travel blanket or a fleece if your stroller or Infant car seat do not come with a cover. It is most common for each store to maintain their own temperatures and we need to be prepared for over cool temperatures, especially if you are in a shopping mall.


Optionals …

  • Carrier – We always had a Baby Carrier thrown in to the stroller. This helped us a lot when we need extra hands during shopping. Strolling and shopping can be painful some times. You can get many portable carriers now a days.


  • Sweaters, Socks, Mittens – Be prepared for the weather changes, if you are living in a place where you get snow and ice, be ready with an extra pair of Sweaters, Socks & Gloves.


  • Umbrella – There are a few strollers that provide ‘Rain Covers’ as one of the items when you purchase strollers. If not, it is good to have a portable umbrella handy. It is again dependent on the environmental conditions of the place you live.


Make sure you play withe the quantities based on your needs to be able to utilize the available storage capacity to the best possible extent.

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